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11 Aug 2009

Amelia Reynolds Guest Stars In ‘As The Bell Rings’

AS THE BELL RINGS focuses on the break time antics of the 6 key characters. Guest starring Amelia Reynolds (Tally) as Lara.

06 Jan 2009

Amelia Reynolds Stars In ‘Paradise Cafe’

A family move to a remote island only to discover it is full of sea ghosts that can only seen with water. Starring Amelia Reynolds (Tally) as Chloe.

13 Oct 2002

Beth Allen, Lee Donoghue & Amelia Reynolds Guest Star In ‘Revelations: The Initial Journey’

Follow 16-year-old boy, Jess’ (Tom Hern – Ram) journey through life and time itself. Each episode contains a story from a different time and place in world history.

06 Jan 2001
30 Aug 1998

Various Tribe Cast Guest Star In ‘The Legend Of William Tell’

This series follows the legend of William Tell, who, as the stories say, shot an apple off of his son’s head and lead the rebellion to free Switzerland. Starring Beth Allen (Amber) as Princess Vara and Drew Neemia (Fisheye) as Drogo.

01 Jun 1998

‘The Murder House’ Starring James Ordish & Featuring Amelia Reynolds

A young schoolboy (James Ordish – Andy) finds his day plunging into nightmare, when he gets called in for a session with the school dental nurse. The nurse seems to take pleasure in other people’s pain. Also featuring Amelia Reynolds (Tally).