Category : Antonia Prebble

31 May 2015

Antonia Prebble & Todd Emerson Star In ‘Westside’

Tales of crime and passion in Auckland, New Zealand, spanning from 1974 through to 1979. Starring Antonia Prebble (Trudy) as Rita West and Todd Emerson (Stats) as Bilkey Van Heeder.

04 Feb 2015

Antonia Prebble Stars In ‘Winter’

Sydney homicide detective Eve Winter solves tough, high profile cases with cool intelligence, fighting bureaucrats, criminals and plenty of advances – unwanted and wanted – to catch her prey. Starring Antonia Prebble (Trudy) as Alesia Taylor.

12 Jan 2015

‘Timeslow’ Starring Todd Emerson & Antonia Prebble

Henry is about to discover there is a parallel world, just beyond his reach, that is not normal. He is about to throw his simple little life completely out of schedule. Starring Todd Emerson (Stats) as Henry Glint and Antonia Prebble (Trudy) as Amelia.

10 Aug 2014

Antonia Prebble Stars In ‘Anzac Girls’

The true stories of extraordinary young women who witness the brutality and heroism of war and rise to meet the challenge. Starring Antonia Prebble (Trudy) as Hilda Steele.

25 Jul 2014

Antonia Prebble Guest Stars In ‘The Almighty Johnsons’

THE ALMIGHTY JOHNSONS is a comedy-drama series about four brothers, raised in heartland New Zealand, who also happen to be the living incarnations of Norse Gods. Guest starring Antonia Prebble (Trudy) as Sonja.

27 Apr 2014

Antonia Prebble Guest Stars In ‘Salem’

Antonia Prebble (Trudy) guest stars as Bridget Bishop in SALEM. SALEM explores what really fueled the town’s infamous witch trials and dares to uncover the dark, supernatural truth hiding behind the veil of this infamous period in American history. In Salem, witches are real, but they are not who or what they seem.