Amelia Reynolds Guest Stars In ‘As The Bell Rings’


As The Bell Rings

5 min | Short | Comedy | Drama

AS THE BELL RINGS focuses on the break time antics of the 6 key characters. The action takes place in a school corridor, just outside the head teacher’s office and the window into their world is literally the window of the school building.

Stars: Amelia Reynolds


Amelia Reynolds (Tally) as Lara


Season 2, Episode 2: Careers Week
Season 2, Episode 3: CSI Paterson High
Season 2, Episode 5: Family Tree
Season 2 Episode 7: Hot Gossip
Season 2 Episode 10: School Musical
Season 2 Episode 18: So You Think You Can Think
Season 2 Episode 21: Vote Now
Season 2 Episode 22: Shoes
Season 2 Episode 23: Students Exposed!
Season 2 Episode 25: Time Capsule


  • AS THE BELL RINGS is a production by the Disney Channel and has various global incarnations. Amelia Reynolds guest stars in the Australian version of the show

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