The Video Store

5 min | Comedy

Stacey is secretly stressing about the legacy of her video store while dealing with the daily hardships of customers, staff and the Internet.

Stars: Yvette Parsons | Fleur Saville


Ever wondered what stories lie behind the counter at your local DVD shop?

The Video Store‘ is a 7-part dark-comedy web series about the struggles of a surviving video store in the modern age of the Internet. Netflix is slowly lobotomising the relationship between customers and local video stores everywhere, and the culture within them is quickly disappearing.

MEGAFLICKS Manager, Stacey, is quietly stressing about how she’ll make next months rent, while still wondering how she’ll pay for last month, but running in the red’s not getting in the way of her optimism. She’s got a few sharp, semi-borrowed marketing ideas that she’s not going to let anyone get in the way of trying out.


Fleur Saville (Ruby)


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