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What do you get, when you combine the talents of Tom Hern, Antonia Prebble and add a little yellow stolen car to the mix? PORK PIE, that’s what. A contemporary take on the NZ classic road movie was shot from March to early June 2016, in and around Auckland. It will premiere February 2nd, 2017.

This is Tom Hern’s first action movie:

For me it’s less about comparing ourselves to the original and more about making something that has the same adventurous, rebellious experience for a generation of young Kiwis. That was who was packing out the cinema in 1981.

The leads of the movie include Dean O’Gorman, James Rolleston and Aussie actress Ashleigh Cummings – making up the movie’s “accidental outlaws”.

Antonia Prebble plays Susie, the girlfriend of Dean O’Gorman’s character, Jon.

Tom Hern is also working with James Napier Robertson on the sequel to THE DARK HORSE which became a NZ-wide hit in 2015 and has won several awards both in NZ and overseas: Rotterdam International Film Festival, where it won the MovieZone Award, the Palm Springs Film Festival, where it was runner up for best film.

Antonia Prebble started shooting season 3 of WESTSIDE at the end of October.