Whilst on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to New Zealand back in April, THE TRIBE fan Midnight captured this video of a performance by Vanessa Stacey live at the Havana Bar with the Los Helios band.

I’d asked on the Chocolate Box page if they were playing while i was in Wellington and Lisa told me I was out of luck but there was a chance Vanessa was playing with her other band at the Havana, so I went looking. I mean come on. Brit Tribe geek on a Once in a Lifetime trip? Gotta give it a shot right? My mum came with because she’s a fan of THE TRIBE and we dragged my cousin because she can drive lol. Beginning of the night I spoke to Vanessa – I think she was a little surprised to have brit fans there lol.

What an amazing experience! Many thanks to Midnight for sharing this with us!


Vanessa Stacey (Alice)