Following on from our personal interview with Vicky Homewood, we are excited to hear that her paintings and artwork have now gone live via These unique one-offs are available for purchase and distribution worldwide from Australia.

Tribe fans can show their support for Vicky by favoriting her shop, babesNwaves, and the individual items!

You can also find out a little more about Vicky’s love for art in her profile:

Babes N waves is all about graceful movement and living in the present moment. Bold colours and fluid paint stokes reflect the boho surf shacks and hostels I stayed in while I surfed around South America and Central America. During my journey I befriended seductive Brazilian girls, hippie surfers, yogis and also met my husband surfing one of the longest lefts in the world in Chicama, Peru.

With a passion towards keeping our oceans clean, 10% of profits from Vicky’s shop will be donated towards Boyan Slat’s Ocean Cleanup.