Also Known As: EAGLE
Friends: DAL TRUDY
Family: JAY (BABY) – SON
Current Status: ALIVE


A figure who has always been seen as the leader of the tribe – the one who started it all. Fiercely determined and headstrong, this intelligent young woman quickly realises the need for the Mall Rats to be functioning, not just doing whatever they want. To ‘live’ rather than barely surviving. She has a strong moral compass and holds everyone to the exact same standards. Amber fights to protect the people who cannot protect themselves, and this is inevitably how the tribe is formed when she contests leadership over Lex.

Amber is continuously involved in a lot of conflict resolution, while getting in to a bit of conflict herself. She tried to get the kids within the tribe working to make the mall more of a home; to be clean and for everyone to do their part. She quickly comes to blows with the other members of the group over this, but she eventually works out a system that is fair.

But this drive that she possesses is tempered by a caring, nurturing side of her, although she is not always happy about it. Amber is someone who seems to wear her heart on her sleeve, even though it is not instantly obvious. Upon first meeting Bray you can see her instant attraction to him. Focusing on her head instead of her heart, she fights this feeling, due to Bray’s other relationships, and instead finds love with Sasha. Her loyalty is tested when Sasha asks her to go away with him but inevitably she cannot leave the Mall Rats, who she thinks will not survive without her. The scenes witnessed when they come back from their trip to the beach is evidence enough of this.

Amber forgoes her heart, and Sasha leaves alone.

Amber is one of the first to suggest that they try to find a cure for the virus when a sick Glen shows up. This is one of the major steps for the Mall Rats and will help guide them. It is at this stage that Amber finally admits to both Bray, and herself, that she is in love with him. However, a misunderstanding with Ebony and the Locos means that Amber distances herself from Bray. Ensuring the tribe’s survival is paramount, and with the decision then made to go to Eagle Mountain, Amber keeps herself distanced from him until they eventually reconcile when the truth is revealed about Ebony’s deviousness.

Though Eagle Mountain heralds good news in the form of an antidote to the virus, there is an explosion … resulting in the deaths of both Zandra and Amber.


On the run from the Chosen forces, Ebony, Lex, Bray and Dal are completely stunned to discover a tribe within the wilderness, one harboring an individual who they all thought was long since dead. Having survived the explosion on Eagle Mountain, Amber discards the shackles that came with being amongst the Mall Rats and becomes Eagle, a fierce leader and protector of the tribe who helped save her, the Gaians. Though the Mall Rats are overjoyed to see her, Eagle is no longer the same Amber that they knew, believing in a new philosophy in order to ensure survival, and refuses to get involved in their troubles.

But Amber is unable to ignore her heart … and perhaps she isn’t as ‘Eagle’ as she thought she was.

Reluctantly, Amber drags herself back into the world of the Mall Rats. But even when Ebony’s lies surface concerning what happened up on Eagle Mountain, Amber does not want to simply jump back into the life that she once knew, including Bray. She believes that she has changed, and that life within the Gaians is for the better. Bray however, promises to fight for her. With the Gaians agreeing to try and defeat the Chosen, Amber unfortunately witnesses the death of her long-time friend, Dal. This death shatters all of Amber’s prior resolve, and gives her a new outlook on the war against the Chosen. Unable to hold back, Amber confesses her love for Bray, and the pair spends the night together before she goes to recruit others to their cause.

When Amber eventually returns, we discover that she is still as strong as ever … but she is now pregnant with Bray’s child. This does not stop her whatsoever, and she helps defeat the Chosen in their final dramatic showdown. For most of this series, Amber finds herself kidnapped by Alice’s boyfriend, Ned, who is seeking profit and for Alice and himself. When Amber and Trudy are rescued, when see that Amber is now heavily pregnant, but this does not stop her clashing with Ebony. When Ebony becomes city leader, her first proclamation is to banish Amber and Bray for harboring the Guardian.

As planes begin to circle the sky, and the contractions coming fast, Amber and Bray are forced to take shelter within a barn.


As the Technos begin their invasion of the city, Amber is about to give birth within the barn … but her cries for Bray go unheeded. We quickly discover that Bray has been captured and is being taken away as a prisoner. But comfort comes in the form of Trudy, who helps Amber to give birth to a healthy baby boy, named after his father. With options limited and the city in lockdown, Amber tries to lead them both back to the safety of the Gaians.

As time passes, we discover from Trudy that Amber had been captured by the Technos. Used in their Reality Space experiments, we uncover the harrowing experiences that Amber was forced to endure on a daily basis. This event reaffirms the Mall Rat’s drive to stop the Technos. Though it takes time, Amber slowly comes back to herself, though she returns to the Gaians in order to recover. Renewed and rejuvenated, Amber helps guide the Mall Rats in their fight against the Technos. Though she is weary of Jay, she sees in him a kindred soul not unlike Bray, someone wanting to do the right thing despite his position within the Technos.

As events come to a head, the Mall Rats infiltrate Ram’s palace and they successfully defeat him.


For a time after the overthrow of Ram, the new Techno leadership under the enigmatic Mega manages to fool Amber, and she is seen not only helping him, but backing his schemes. It is during this time that Amber admits to herself that she has feelings for Jay, but unfortunately, he is now in a relationship with Trudy. Amber tries to hold back, but there is no denying that the feelings are more than mutual.

Amber begins to realise that Mega is not who he seems, but she is forced into a new position endorsing him. She helps Jack and Ellie to try and bring him down from the inside. Eventually Jay and Amber realise the depths of their feelings for one another, forcing Jay to leave Trudy for Amber. Amber feels significant guilt, but defends herself when targeted. Trudy however is distraught, which leads her right into Mega’s hands.

While still trying to bring down Mega, the Mall Rats learn that Mega has created an advanced AI programme which has gone rogue and is going to wipe out all life within the city due to a new viral outbreak. Despite their best efforts, the Mall Rats are unable to stop the process. On a trawler about to leave for safety, Amber races back to the mall in order to track down the missing Lottie, and she is aided by Jay back to the docks. The Mall Rats escape … leaving their home far behind.


Stranded on the trawler in the middle of the ocean, Amber is forced to use all of her diplomatic skills in order to defuse the rising tension within the close quarters amongst the Mall Rats, and use her innate leadership capabilities in order to find a way for them to survive. It is during this time that she also begins to reminisce about Bray, praying that he is somewhere alive and well. Unable to trust Ram, Amber grows suspicious of his continued outbursts concerning a return to the city, a city which was infected by the new virus. She also gets the others to keep an eye on Trudy, who grows more and more hysterical with every day that passes, with her sanity on the verge of complete collapse.

Despite all the trials, Amber leads the Mall Rats to safety onboard the Jzhao Li, and eventually, a mysterious island which now becomes their home. Just like the first moments within the mall, Amber gets everyone into making Camp Phoenix a home, including recovering the cargo from the crashed Jzhao Li. With Ram turning hysterical, Amber asks Jay to try to reach out to him. It is during this time that we begin to learn about the Collective, a tribe formed by Ram’s close friend and rival, Kami. The Collective have an umbrella of tribes under their command, including the Legion, who the Mall Rats soon find themselves facing.

These events also lead Amber to begin to question Jay, and just how he could be so heavily involved in the Technos and not know of any of these developments. The two have a falling out, but come together for themselves and the rest of the tribe. But fate continues to throw trials their way … as Amber is about to be reunited with her long lost love. As the Mall Rats and their new allies, the Natives, make a showdown on the oil rig which is the Legion’s home, the group discover Bray. Amber is overwhelmed to find him again, and is unable to sort out the conflicting feelings rising within her.

With the Legion defeated, Amber knows that she will soon be forced to make an agonising choice.


As if attempting to solve the mysteries of the Jzaho Li and the Collective wasn’t difficult enough, Amber is now forced to make a decision between Bray and Jay. Though they both agree to give her time, the situation is far from ideal, and heated exchanges are thrown Amber’s way. Knowing that space is needed for them all, Bray sets off alone to track down Eloise and uncover her ultimate plans involving his brother’s legacy. Jay agrees to go after him. With Trudy captured by the bounty hunter, Connor, and the reveal that Eloise is heading back to the city, Amber makes the hard decision that they have to follow.

Whilst some of the Mall Rats try to fight the Guardian and the Zootists from the mall, Amber, Jack and Ram uncover the secrets of Eagle Mountain’s hidden levels as prisoners of Eloise. It is here that we get confirmation of the hibernation chambers meant to save the ‘best’ of the adults, and an AI core named after Kami. As events come to a head, Eloise is captured and the Mall Rats get their hands on a drive which contains all of the adult’s stored knowledge.

With Jay dying to protect the Mall Rats, Amber and Bray agree to rename their child after him.

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