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Though Lex is known to have a ‘bottom line’ on several issues, one that he is particularly adamant about is Billy-Boy setting foot within the Mall. Leader of the Jackals, Lex warns both Bray and Danni that the Jackals are more trouble than they are worth. Bray and Danni however are concerned about what will happen if they deny the Jackals access to the Trading Market. When Bray later meets Billy-Boy one-on-one, the Jackal leader tells Bray how much he has had to persuade his own tribe to fall in line with the Mall Rats, and just how much Lex is making them all look bad.

He demands that Bray sorts the situation out, or he will.

Lex however sorts out the situation with the Jackals in his own unique way. Gaining the aid of KC, he lets the young scamp gamble with Billy-Boy, which is strictly against the Trading Market’s rules. This allows Lex to kick Billy-Boy out of the Mall with the aid of Ebony and her Militia.

With the Smile in tow – a trio of singing cheerleaders – Billy-Boy confronts Lex not long after their prior encounter, demanding to know why the Mall Rat has been undercutting the Jackals and their ‘niche’ in trading stereo systems in favour of the Orphans. The situation grows tense for a moment, but Billy-Boy withdraws, seeing just how much Lex has lost his ‘fighter’ instinct.

Later, the Smile confront Lex, stating that it must have been him who has killed Billy-Boy. Lex denies the charge – though makes it plain that it would have been a pleasure to have taken him out.

Series 2

In order to search for the cure the tribe must leave the mountain and return to the city where the antidote is rumoured to be hidden. As they prepare for the journey, a horrific accident occurs.

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