Friends: AXEL
Loves: EBONY
Current Status: DECEASED


With an aura of commanding magnetism, power, and control, the military-trained leader of the Legion tribe demands answers and respect. The quickest way to trigger his short temper is to answer his question with another question, as revealed in his ruthlessness in the acts which follow. Though Blake is very suspicious of Ebony, and knows more about his history than she realises, he can’t help but be drawn to her own aura and how she is a born survivor. The two soon becoming lovers, though distrustful ones, each waiting for the opportunity for the other to slip up.

Though Blake knows how important Bray is in the plans of his sister, Eloise, this young man however has been eager for a challenge. If Bray could escape from the Zootists, and even make his way across the Forbidden Zone, then he is a possible worthy opponent. To this end, Blake creates a sick hunting game, chasing the injured Mall Rat across the oil rig with a dangerous fishing gun.

With their base invaded by the combined forces of the Mall Rats and the Natives, Blake chooses his own defeat rather than suffer at the hands of Kami and the Collective. Letting go of the tower, the leader of the Legion falls to his death as he crashes several feet down before hitting the ocean.

It is believed that he did not survive such a fall.

A New World

Forced to flee the city – along with abandoning their dream of building a better world – the Mall Rats embark upon a perilous journey of discovery into the unknown.

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