Played by JAY RYAN (as JAY BUNYAN)

Tribe: BLUES
Current Status: UNKNOWN


The aggressive ringleader of the ‘blues’ – those playing within the Techno’s Reality Space ‘red versus blue’ war scenarios – this young man makes an immediate first impression by rounding on Pride. Grilling the Mall Rat, he quickly uncovers that Pride has no colour affiliations … which makes him an easy target.

It seems that those addicted to Reality Space have turned their backs on their tribes and split into either camp of red or blue, with Blue claiming that the current sector belongs to them. Sensing the oncoming confrontation, Pride quickly makes his escape.

Blue makes a further appearance by stealing the codes, which are needed to access Reality Space, from Sammy and Mouse who had only just attained them by working manual labour for the Technos. Keeping The Dream Alive