Friends: EMMA
Family: JAY (BABY) – SON
Current Status: ALIVE


A mysterious young man who keeps absolutely all of his cards close to his chest, Bray is an enigma, an individual who is incredibly difficult to decipher. From the very first moment of his arrival he is a mystery. No one is sure where he comes from, and although he has deemed the mall the safest place for the pregnant Trudy, the group quickly discover that Bray is a loner and seems much more comfortable being on his own. Like a shadow, Bray disappears, coming and going as he pleases – much to ire of the rest of the tribe. As we begin to uncover his layers, we learn that Bray is firmly against leaders, and instantly rebels against the notion of taking such a role within the Mall Rats. His dream is of a commune, with everyone looking out for each other.

As everyone within the tribe attempts to figure him out, there is one person who absolutely despises him. Lex takes an instant disliking to Bray, and the two quickly become rivals. Lex hates the ‘lover boy’ who seems to use his good looks to sneak his way through life, and Bray hates the ‘bully’ who uses his physical prowess to do the same. It is clear that the two will never get along. Even after discovering that Bray isn’t the father of Trudy’s child, and of his connection to Zoot, this only makes Lex hate him even more – especially when all the female members of the tribe begin to take a liking to him.

Bray however, is a free spirit. He hates anything that might tie him down and doesn’t want to have any relationships. So when Salene offers him a way out of Trudy’s obsession, he instantly takes it. Though he does feel something for Salene, there is no denying that he is using her to get out of the situation with Trudy. Their romance however is quickly short lived. After Salene doesn’t try to save Trudy’s life, she hates what she has become and backs off completely from him, causing the two drift apart. But there has always been an instant attraction to someone else within the tribe, something that they both have been denying from each other – and that is with Amber.

Unfortunately for Bray, her connection with the wandering Sasha blindsides them all. Bray is forced to watch her blossom with the stranger. When Amber refuses to leave with him for the good of the tribe, Bray’s smile as he leaves says it all.

During this time, Lex has never stopped his scheming to get rid of Bray. Their rivalry comes to a head when Lex and KC plant water within Bray’s room in an attempt to get him kicked out of the tribe. This ultimately does not work and the rivalry is put on hold as Glen, who has contracted the virus, is brought in to the mall. Bray helps lead the charge on finding the virus and searching for the cure.

Despite their many false starts, Amber and Bray finally declare their feelings for one another and become a couple. Yet turbulence doesn’t come close to describing their relationship, as there always seems to be something getting in the way. When Ebony – who has always had a thing for him – kidnaps Bray in her attempts to get her hands on an antidote to the virus, a misunderstanding causes Amber to distance herself from him completely.

The two reconcile on the peaks of Eagle Mountain, but this reunion is short lived as Amber seemingly perishes there during the explosion.


Distraught and wracked with grief, Bray is completely heartbroken over the death of Amber. Though Trudy and the others attempt to reach out of him, it seems like a forgone conclusion that this is the end of Bray’s journey within the Mall Rats. Somehow, Bray finds the strength to carry on, knowing that this is what Amber would want, and rejoins the tribe in their efforts to find a cure to the virus. It is during their search that he discovers Danni, telling her of their plight and inviting her to join them.

With the antidote discovered by the others, Bray is a firm believer that they need to distribute it for free to the entire city, despite Ebony and Lex’s protests. Eventually, this is the stance that the Mall Rats take, and Bray makes it clear that they should not accept anything for it.  Bray is still the breakout leader of the tribe and this is why Tai San chooses to share the antidote formula with him when an attempt to uncover her secret almost causes her death. It is during this time that Trudy and Brady are kidnapped by the Chosen. Bray fights hard to get them back and has to make a deal with the devil to do so; he agrees to give Ebony the formula in exchange for knowing the whereabouts of his family.

Bray seems to lose everything when they fail to get them back.

It is during this time that Bray and Danni begin to grow closer. Bray defends Danni during her trial and she shares some private information with him, cementing their relationship. Ebony continues to blackmail Bray and he makes her the head of security, which angers Lex. The rest of the tribe don’t understand his motives but there is nothing that he can do. Danni and Bray begin their relationship on the night Trudy returns to the Mall Rats. He is so relieved to have her back that he accepts her with no questions asked, despite something being not quite right with her.

Danni and Bray fight to have a united city, and it is during a summit of the tribal leaders that Danni is captured by the Chosen. Bray leads the charge in the fight against them, but unfortunately the Chosen win the day. Bray is taken hostage at this point and is to be sacrificed to Zoot. He narrowly manages to escape and joins Lex, Ebony and Dal in their flight from the city.


On the run from the Chosen, the group are aided by a mysterious individual named Pride whose tribe dwells within the surrounding forest. He agrees to take them to the Gaians in order to speak with their leader in the hope that she will grant them aid. Yet Pride makes it clear that city problems are no real concern of theirs. It is at the Gaian camp that the group are completely floored at what they uncover … as the leader of the Gaians is none other than a figure rose from the dead – Amber.

Bray is shell-shocked to discover that Amber is alive, and quickly becomes angry and distraught when she outright refuses to see him. But why? Eventually, Amber – who has now assumed the role of Eagle – confides in Dal of the events up on Eagle Mountain, the near death experience she had and the moment which made her start anew within the Gaians. Despite learning of this, Bray cannot fathom why Amber did not seek the Mall Rats out. With nowhere left to turn, the group are forced to leave, but Amber reluctantly agrees to lend the Mall Rats the aid of the Gaians in their fight against the Chosen.

The combined forces of the rebels try an all-out assault on the mall which doesn’t go to plan. They decide to keep targeting the Chosen any way they can and eventually work on a plan to kidnap Trudy and Brady. The plan fails, resulting in the death of Dal. His death however is the catalyst which helps reunite Bray with Amber. Despite this, Amber needs to go through with her original plan to find more help, and Bray is left on his own. When she returns, she arrives with the promises help … as well as her pregnancy.

Bray is suspicious at first, due to Amber and Pride’s close relationship, however he finally manages to get over his jealousy and cannot wait for the birth of his child. A final assault on the mall results in the Chosen being disbanded. Amber and Trudy are then mysteriously kidnapped and Bray is at a loss. He makes some mistakes and Ebony manages to manipulate him into voting for her to be the leader of the city. With Amber’s safe return, Bray finally realises he expertly he was manipulated … but it is now far too late. Upon standing up to Ebony, he and Amber are banished.

On the outskirts of the city, the Technos begin their invasion … and Bray is captured as a prisoner.


After so much time in captivity, we eventually learn the fate of the missing Mall Rat leader.

Despite spending some time in a slave camp alongside Alice and KC, Bray has been continuously shipped from one prison to the next, deemed an instigator and a trouble maker. He soon ends up in the clutches of Eloise, the leader of a new group of Zootists, a seductive yet powerful individual who subjects him to countless Reality Space experiments, attempting to warp his perception of reality and persuade him to renew the bloodline of Zoot. Though Bray struggles to fight back, it is obvious that he is slowly losing himself with each and every battle, and he is slowly unable to distinguish between what is real and what is not.

With the aid of Judd, a kind-hearted scientist who refuses to see someone in his care abused in such a way, Bray makes his escape from the compound – but Judd is killed in the process. It is within the Forbidden Zone that a beaten and bruised Bray eventually encounters Emma, Tiffany and Shannon. Shocked to discover life, Bray is quickly subdued in his injured state, but is cared for by Emma, who he realises is blind and attempting to look after her younger siblings. Bray immediately forges a connection with her and her plight, realising just how strong an individual she is. When the group are attacked by the Fallen, a tribe of slave traders, Bray intervenes.

Eventually shipped to the tribe of power within the region, the Legion, it is here that Bray is reeled by the shock of his life in the form of Ebony. Stunned to find that she is alive and well, Bray immediately asks about Amber and the others, but Ebony has set her sights on survival and needs to make an impression on the Legion’s leader, Blake.

In a showdown on the oil rig, Bray is forced to fight for his life as Blake hunts him down in a sport of life and death. Bray narrowly manages to best him, and Blake falls into the ocean, presumed dead. It is here that Bray is recovered by the Mall Rats and finally reunited with his long lost love, Amber. During his recovery, Bray gets to hold his child for the first time in his life. It was this moment, and being with Amber, that gave him the strength to fight for as long as he had … and he is determined to keep fighting for them.


Beaten by the Legion and encounters Ebony. Tells the Mall Rats that Alice and KC are alive somewhere – giving them hope for other missing members of their tribe and that, one day, they will all be reunited.


With Amber now in a relationship with someone else, Bray is forced to have a personal heart-to-heart with his soulmate. Though both himself and Jay agreed to give Amber some time to figure things out, all of the trials and torment that Bray has been through these past few years has all been for her – for that moment when he could see her again and hold their child. He is unable to hold back his anger when she appears so undecided, unable to fathom why she can toy with their emotions like this. After the fight, Bray decides that perhaps space is what is needed, and so sets off on his own, knowing that he has to retrace his steps and track down Eloise before she makes her next move.

It is here that Bray uncovers her plans to head back to the city, but the question remains as to why. As the Mall Rats make the long journey back to their former home, they uncover the Guardian’s attempts to re-solidify the Zootists within the mall, yet this seems like only a minor piece of the larger puzzle. Elsewhere, we learn of the truth hidden within the lower levels of Eagle Mountain. Eloise is eventually captured, and both Bray and Amber make their peace once more.

It is only in the aftermath that they learn of Jay’s death. In a heartfelt gesture, the two agree to rename their child after him.

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