Current Status: UNKNOWN / MISSING

Quiet, reserved, and very protective, Charlie is the complete opposite to his fun loving, sensitive, and very astute, little sister. Alongside Mouse, Charlie had come up with a plan to remain silent in the face of new encounters, a defense mechanism which allows them to observe without being forced to interact. It is via this plan that they quickly begin to realise that the Mall Rats, who Salene brings them to after finding them out on the streets, are a rather decent group.

Salene, Pride and the others slowly coax Charlie and Mouse out of their shells, forcing them to reveal that they can indeed speak, though Charlie prefers to let his younger sister do the talking. When Ellie struggles with her episode of depression and is about to commit suicide, it is Charlie, approaching her and speaking, who helps pull her back from the brink.

Charlie however soon disappears. It is believed that he was taken away by the Technos. His fate remains unknown.

Review – Pork Pie

All and all, Pork Pie, was a great ride. I keep drawing comparisons to my other favorite film with a mini The Italian Job (the remake) – if you liked that check out Pork Pie, it’s got the same sort of feel between the action and the banter. It’s got a little something for everyone.

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