Friends: PATSY
Loves: VED
Current Status: UNKNOWN / MISSING


Finding animals a heck of a lot more relatable than other human beings, we first meet this young girl lost and alone out on the dangerous city streets. Chasing a wayward cat, Cloe narrowly manages to escape the clutches of the Locos thanks to the quick thinking of Amber, who saves her life in the process. Unable to leave her there, Amber and Dal take her back to her friends, where we discover that she is being looked after within her new ‘foster family’, consisting of Salene, Patsy, Paul, and their pet dog, Bob.

Though the group form the foundation alongside the others in what will become the Mall Rats, Cloe always remains more interested in the welfare of the animals under their care.

It isn’t until Cloe helps rescue Bluebell, a baby calf, and she herself is rescued by Tai San, that she begins to blossom, finally starting to interact more with the others. She quickly forges a close friendship with Patsy, and they are inseparable from there on out. Cloe is very loyal to her friends and always tries to reassure them, particularly when Patsy loses her brother or when she brings Glen into the mall, becoming infected by the virus in the process.

With her best friend infected, Cloe adamantly refuses to give up on her, or live without her, and it is this selfless – and touching – act which makes the Mall Rats realise that they must fight the return of the virus together.

Much like Patsy, Cloe dislikes being always treated like a child, and we see the fire of the fight within her continue to slowly simmer as events continue.


After the devastating events up on Eagle Mountain, the younger members of the tribe are forced to deal with the blow and continue their lives. When the Mall Rats establish a base of power within the mall with the retrieval of the antidote, and armed with the knowledge to manufacture it, Cloe is a big help in distributing the antidote to others within the city, despite this sometimes going to her head. Again, like Patsy, Cloe becomes disillusioned with the tribe and she and Patsy wish to go it alone – though this is quickly short-lived.

The two friends continue to grow closer, which is why it is such a blow when Trudy, brainwashed by the Chosen, returns to the mall and begins to twist Patsy into their ways. We see that fight that has always lurked inside of her continue to spark, and Cloe quickly comes to the realisation that there is something wrong with Trudy. She is not quite sure what it is, but she knows that the young mother is not the person she once was, and the way that her closest friend is acting is proof of this.

This entire situation plays on Cloe’s mind, often putting her on the wrong side of both Trudy and her former best friend.

Ultimately, Cloe is proved right and manages to warn the others of the danger in enough time to save Bray, Lex and Ryan from the clutches of the Chosen.


As the Resistance need those on the inside in order to begin fighting back against the Chosen, Cloe quickly agrees to do so, once more showing her inner fight to protect both her friends and her newfound family. Despite the inherent dangers, Cloe becomes a spy for the Mall Rats.

However, she is soon caught and sentenced to the mines.

When the Chosen regime collapses, an older Cloe eventually makes her way back to the mall – her return aided by Jack. She has obviously grown during her time within the mines … but we are about to find out that her inner fight and spirit has developed in some quite conflicting ways.


We quickly discover that Cloe has definitely found herself in her angsty teenage years. She doesn’t want to help out and believes that everyone is against her. She initially develops feelings for Pride, but when he does not feel the same, she is pushed into the arms of their enemy, the Techno Ved.

The two soon begin a relationship which both tribes disapprove of, and Cloe encounters a lot of firsts with Ved. On believing she is pregnant, Ved breaks up with her, which is incredibly heart-breaking for the girl in love. Eventually Ved realises that he has deep feelings for Cloe, but she has already used him for information on the Technos, returning to her old spying roots and believing that it is fair game after what he put her through.

All is eventually forgiven and Cloe gets to play Ram’s new virtual reality game. She gets lost in the game and we later find out that she was captured by Ram as punishment to Ved.

That is the last that we see of her. Her final fate remains unknown.

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