Played by ELLA WILKS

Loves: BRAY
Current Status: UNKNOWN / MISSING


In the wake of the aftermath of the Eagle Mountain explosion and the loss of both Amber and Zandra, we are introduced to a highly determined young woman who possesses strong morals and a lack of fear in speaking her mind. In no time at all, Danni is adamant about imprinting her ideals on others and what the Mall Rats should be achieving for the good of the City … so it comes as no surprise that she manages to become an unofficial leader.

Yet, beneath her determination to build something better for the sake of everyone else, Danni isn’t afraid to lie in order to achieve her goals.

With the discovery of the antidote, Danni is extremely vocal in presenting her idea that it should be distributed for free. She helps set up a system of distribution which quickly leads to a degree of peace between the tribes. It is during this time that Danni presses her agenda, creating a Bill of Rights which is then signed by all of the other leaders. Her dreams are further materialised within a court system to judge minor complaints between individuals, which Danni herself presides over. It seems that she has helped bring peace throughout the City.

However, the impending shadow of the Chosen begins to loom over events, and as they make themselves known, both Danni and Bray grow increasingly concerned. It is here that Danni is then falsely accused of attempted murder, a set up by Ebony, and is tried under her own Bill of Rights. These events lead to the discovery of what Danni has been keeping secret all this time – that it was her father who created the original virus! But the Mall Rats stick by her side … knowing that she shouldn’t be judged by the sins of her parents.

It is at this moment that Danni truly becomes integrated into the Mall Rats, as a leader, and as Bray’s new love.

When it is discovered that the antidote is no longer required, Danni is adamant that they need to lie to the people to maintain their very tentative control. While she seems to want the greater good, Danni continues to force the issue, not wanting things to descend back into chaos. Unfortunately, this is a move which does not pay off as the Mall Rats quickly lose their grip on the city. Though others may have given up or faltered, Danni however continues to push the agenda of keeping the city unified – especially with the threat of the Chosen on the horizon.

The Mall Rats have no idea that the Chosen are moving in on the city and have a plan to take over. While Danni falsely accuses Ebony, the Chosen continue to divide and conquer from the inside. While trying to get peace in the city and unify the tribal leaders against the incoming Chosen, Danni is taken prisoner by the Zoot worshiping tribe. She eventually kneels to the Guardian, but she doesn’t believe the words that she is forced to say.

During the final fight on the beach, Danni is injured and this is the last that we see of her.

Series 2

In order to search for the cure the tribe must leave the mountain and return to the city where the antidote is rumoured to be hidden. As they prepare for the journey, a horrific accident occurs.

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