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A strong willed fighter armed with both subtle manipulations or blunt force aggression, this striking young woman will take any available path in order to ensure her survival. Though cloaked in a tough outer exterior, and a preference at relying on her street smarts rather than in others, Ebony does however have her closely guarded vulnerabilities. Buried deep, she strives to never to show the feelings that she possesses, relishing the formidable aura that she has cultivated for herself, someone who is seem as both impressive and dangerous.

When we first see Ebony, we learn that is Zoot’s right-hand woman and a prominent figure within the Locos. It is clear from the onset that she is tough, immediately revealing her prowess in a battle against the Demon Dogs. With every encounter that we see of her, we glimpse more layers of her viciousness. When Zoot shockingly disappears, Ebony quickly grabs the reigns of the Locos, becoming their Priestess and carrying on the legacy of Zoot. But this tentative hold on power will only last as long as Zoot is out of the way. She has to be certain of his fate. Knowing that Bray knows more than he is letting on, Ebony captures and quizzes him, but to no avail. She slyly lets Bray escape, following him back to the mall.

It is here that she is captured, but Ebony uses every weapon within her arsenal to escape, intimidating the members of the Mall Rats, and easily uses her femininity to get Lex to open the cage’s door, sleeping together before managing to escape. With the fear that she will bring the Locos down on them, Bray sets off to track her down, finally revealing the truth of Zoot’s death. This was all that Ebony wanted. She takes Zoot’s talisman that Bray offers her, and returns to the Locos, firmly cementing herself as leader.

Being a female leader of an aggressive male dominated tribe is not an easy position to be in, but Ebony manages to excel as leader of the Locos. The Mall Rats encounter her once more at the Tribal Gathering, where Ebony is confident enough to use her tribe to get what she wants. After the event, we do not see Ebony again until Lex turns up at the hotel, infected by the virus and begging their help against Tribe Circus. Ebony agrees … in exchange for the antidote of course.

It has always been clear that Ebony has a soft spot for Bray, and she decides to claim her prize alongside the antidote. Ebony forces Lex to take the test vials while flirting with Bray, who she has always had her eyes on. This situation goes on until Lex eventually breaks out of his room and she throws him out. But with the city collapsing too far into chaos due to the virus, and the Locos fracturing, Ebony’s reign of power is challenged by Spike. Ebony narrowly manages to escape with her life alongside Bray.

Together, they follow the tracks of the Mall Rats to Eagle Mountain, rescuing them all in the process.


In the aftermath of the observatory explosion up on Eagle Mountain, and their discovery of the antidote, Ebony is forced to quickly reassess her situation and where the reigns of power now resides. She ingratiates herself within the Mall Rats, pushing for them to use it as leverage to get what they want – to be the ones in control of it all.  Though she is shouted down by the majority of the Mall Rats, and submits for the time being, she gains an ally in Lex, who was had a similar thought to her own.

Ebony however, is never one to take anything lying down without a fight. She begins to recruit old Locos into her own personal army and puts them to work within the mall – under the guise of protecting their home while they serve the antidote. This situation causes the Mall Rats to grow uneasy, yet they can’t deny the help that the Militia provides when the situation within the mall grows desperate due to limited supplies of the antidote. For now, Ebony has her way.

With Amber out of the picture due to the explosion, Ebony is frustrated to see the close relationship quickly forming between Danni and Bray. She continues with her plans of grasping power back for herself, working with Lex in order to uncover the formula to the antidote, which Tai San has kept hidden. Unfortunately, it is at this time that Alice arrives in the mall, throwing a spanner in all of Ebony’s scheming.

When the Chosen initially surface, Ebony immediately recognises their leader, but says nothing. During this time Ebony starts to take over security and push for Bray to be full leader, not a difficult task with Lex’s descent into alcoholism. Tracking down the Chosen’s movements, Ebony comes face to face with the Guardian, and makes a pact with them – agreeing to hand over Trudy in exchange for taking over the city. The Guardian however has his own ideals, and captures them both when they return.

Managing to escape, Ebony immediately seizes the time-crucial opportunities which now arise. She blackmails Bray into providing her with the formula if he ever wants to see Trudy or Brady again. A showdown on the beach leads to the Chosen escaping … with Trudy in their clutches. Forced to keep her secret, Bray continues to go along with what Ebony wants, and her base of power grows. Fueled with success, Ebony then sets her sights on taking out the competition, trying to poison Tai San, and pinning the blame on Danni when the situation goes awry. With no one believing that Danni is a culprit, Ebony forces Spike to take the fall.

But Spike later returns, realising just how much of a fool he has been to be manipulated by Ebony in such a way. He lost everything for her, and now wants revenge. With Ebony captured, we begin to see the layers stripped back from her tough shell, with memories of the rituals that she was forced to go through in order to prove herself to Zoot. She never gives Spike what he wants, never begs … and it is only when Spike leaves her to rot that Ebony finally breaks apart. It is the unlikely form of Tai San, who had helped rescue her, who Ebony bares her soul to. Tai San urges Ebony to be true to herself and confess her feelings for Bray, but when she does, Bray simply can’t believe that she is being sincere, and dismisses it as some sort of ploy.

The mask returns, and Ebony’s resolve hardens. Devastated, she is determined to never let her feelings slip again.

Moving out of the mall, Ebony begins to re-consolidate her power base in case of the Chosen’s return. Which they do. Ebony survives an attack by the Chosen, saving Alice in the process. Though Alice heads back to warn the Mall Rats, Ebony seeks her own safety and leaves the city for good. But it is on the outskirts that she witnesses the Mall Rat’s showdown with the Chosen.


Though she had hardened her heart after her brief moment of weakness, Ebony is unable to simply leave Bray in the hands of the Chosen. Moving quickly, she rescues him alongside Lex, and once they encounter the mysterious Pride, Dal is also rescued. Unable to mount any real offensive against the Chosen, the group seek the aid of the forest dweller in joining their resistance. Though city problems are no concern of theirs, Pride however, says that the decision is ultimately up to the leader of his tribe, the Gaians.

It is whilst hearing stories of their leader that Ebony begins to grow nervous. When Bray spots the ring that Amber had once presented to him, he angrily confronts Pride, but the answers are not forthcoming. A trip to Eagle Mountain shocks them all to the core when they discover that Amber’s grave is now empty. Ebony remains silent. It isn’t until they arrive at the Gaian Camp that Ebony’s worse fears come to life – the leader of the Gaians is none other than the thorn in her side, Amber. With Amber reluctant to aid the Mall Rats, Ebony persuades the group that they need to push on and save their friends. Though Bray is shocked and doesn’t understand why Amber is do distant, he reluctantly agrees.

However, the depths of Ebony’s manipulative nature eventually come to light when it is revealed that she tricked Amber in the aftermath of the Eagle Mountain explosion, resulting in her running away from it all.

Eventually, Amber agrees to help fight back against the Chosen. The mistress of chaos, Ebony excels amongst the rebels and their efforts in bringing the Chosen down. They destroy buildings, raid outposts and save captured slaves. Thanks to their combined efforts, the Chosen are eventually toppled from power, and the Guardian is taken hostage. Ebony however, pushes for the Guardian to be killed, but the Mall Rats are far too soft to implement this. Knowing the feelings and currents within the city, Ebony makes a play for power once again, helping Ned to kidnap Amber and Trudy, and making a deal with Moz which will see herself as the new city leader. Manipulating Bray, Ebony puts herself forward within the leadership race, and with her earlier ploy worked out with Moz, she easily wins.

Finally back in control, Ebony’s first declaration is to banish both Amber and Bray forever.


The sweet taste of victory, and all her efforts in reclaiming a position of power, are very short lived. As the Technos begin their invasion, Ebony quickly comes to the realisation that they are more advanced, better equipped, and more strategic than any foe that the Mall Rats have ever faced. She immediately begins to side with the new regime, working with the Technos in any way that she can, showing how useful that she can be. Ram is mesmerized by the former Loco, and wants her as his bride.

Whilst Ebony flirts with the notion, it is during this time that faces from her past re-emerge. Ebony is stunned to find her sisters, Java and Siva, within the Technos, but it comes as no surprise to her that they want their revenge. It is eventually revealed that Ebony saw that they were pushed out of the Locos right when they started so that she could claw power for herself alone. But her sisters are not the only ones with an agenda against her. Ellie sets out to kill her, believing that it is Ebony’s fault for Jack being taken away by the Technos.

With Ram demanding an answer to his marriage proposal, Ebony however, has fallen for someone who reminds many members of the Mall Rats of the captured Bray. She enters into a secret relationship with Jay, and Ebony is forced to become Ram’s bride whilst keeping her feelings for Jay a secret. With the pressure mounting, Ebony and Jay go on the run, with an enraged Ram ordering that they be hunted down. Ebony is forced to accept the aid of Amber, Trudy and the Gaians. She immediately dislikes the looks passing between both Jay and Amber, and wants them to strike out on their own.

With Jay wanting to join the fight against the Technos, Ebony is reluctantly forced to follow. Though their combined efforts see the overthrow of Ram, Ebony begins to have vivid visions of more faces from her past … this time in the form of Zoot.


As her mind begins to slowly fracture, Ebony is bombarded by visions of Zoot. She becomes increasingly paranoid and unstable, snapping at Jay and pushing him away. Jay tries to reach out and protect her, but he can’t work out what is happening to Ebony. We soon begin to learn that Java and Mega are causing these visions, manipulating Ebony and manevouring her into forming a new tribe of Zootists in order to cause chaos within the city. Under her delusions, and with Java and Siva by her side, Ebony eventually embraces the rebirth of Zoot.

As she continues to spiral into madness, she is rescued by the mysterious Slade. Slowly returning to her senses, Ebony works with both the resistance and Slade in order to bring Mega down. It is difficult not to admire Slade, both his presence and his ability to handle himself in a fight … he seems like a perfect match for Ebony. Unfortunately for Ebony, love has never run smooth, and she is forced to contend for his attentions from Ruby. The two however do enter into a relationship, and for a time, Ebony is content.

But her past will forever continue to bite her in the ass. In a dramatic showdown in Liberty, Ebony faces off against Java. Siva jumps in between them, ending up accidentally killed by Java. In a fit of rage, Ebony then kills Java. Stunned, realisation dawns that she has now lost her entire family. In the aftermath of these events, Ruby reveals that she might be pregnant with Slade’s child when they initially hooked up before Ebony arrived on the scene. However, in reality, Ruby has discovered that the test was negative – something that she doesn’t let on to her.

When events in the city come to a head, Ebony seizes a chance to get rid of her rival, pushing Ruby in front of a truck. Though Ruby survives, Ebony hopes that this act is enough to see that harm has come to the baby. The truth however comes to light that Ruby was not pregnant. For now, all attention turns to her survival, as Ebony escapes with the Mall Rats onboard the small trawler.


Stranded out at sea, life onboard the small trawler grows ever more intense. In such close quarters, Ebony and Slade begin to rub each other up the wrong way, with him taking a dislike to her comments concerning his now dead brother, and her not liking the looks passing between Ruby and himself. Despite the momentary respite that the Jzhao Li cargo ship presents, Ebony casts Slade adrift before he can turn around and break her heart, letting him jump into Ruby’s arms if he so wishes.

With this decision firmly made, Ebony begins to seek escape from their entire predicament, stealing a lifeboat and striking out on her own.

The lifeboat however quickly runs out of gas, and Ebony laments this cruel turn of events. She is rescued however by the Legion, the force of power within the region, and is led to their leader, Blake. Having been in this situation many times before, Ebony uses all of her wiles to bed Blake and claim some footing in her precarious situation. But Blake is the biggest challenge that she has ever faced, military trained, powerful, and fiercely distrustful. Her street-smarts and survival instincts are used to expertly prod and press Blake, trying to find out what buttons to press and when to back off.

Though he never completely trusts her, Ebony does begin to claw some power within the Legion for herself. It is whilst here that she is shocked to her core at the discovery of a captured Bray. Knowing that Blake knows more about her past than he is letting on, Ebony leads the questioning of Bray, and continues to prove her worth, eventually leading a raiding party against Camp Phoenix. But her assault is interrupted by the arrival of the Natives tribe lending the Mall Rats their support.

Though Ebony tries to switch sides once more, the Mall Rats are having none of her pleas, not believing her words for one second. Ebony manages to escape … with their bounty, Ram, firmly in their clutches.


With Blake dead, Ebony’s situation turns for the worst as Axel and the remnants of the Legion suddenly turn on her. Ebony quickly finds herself a prisoner alongside Ram. Axel leads them to Eloise, who a shocked Ebony discovers is Blake’s sister. The shocks continue to come however, as Eloise seems to be in control of a crazed Guardian. Eloise is furious that Ebony has failed Blake in such a dramatic fashion, but Ebony uses all of her charm to try and talk her way out of the situation. Though the Guardian does not want her vile lies to be heard, Ebony manages to persuade Eloise of her worth. If she is indeed in charge of a new wave of Zootists, then who better to lend her support than the only person who was closest to Zoot.

Eloise does indeed begin to realise Ebony’s worth to her cause and just what a commodity she could be. Ebony is made to preach the word of Zoot to those being indoctrinated into the faith. But unknown to Eloise, these stories are elevating Ebony to a positioning of prestige and power within her tribe. Her own legend, that had previously been downplayed by Eloise and the Guardian, is now seen by the new Zootists, including her new faithful hound, Aras.

Encountering the bounty hunter, Connor, Ebony finds herself attracted to the rogue, and is dismayed at the Guardian suddenly turning on him when his usefulness expires. She begins to wonder just how long it will be before her own time runs out. In the final moments as the Guardian is about to execute Trudy and the other Mall Rats, Ebony realises that she needs to make a stand. She stops their advance and turns on both the Guardian and Eloise, summoning her supporters to her cause as the true holder of Zoot’s word and the Queen of the Locos.

In the aftermath of the battle, it is Ebony who suggests that she, and anyone else who helped stand at the Mall Rat’s side, should be pardoned for any crimes that they have committed. The Mall Rats reluctantly agree to this. Free, and with her dedicated Zootists by her side, there is simply no telling what Ebony will choose to do next.

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