Friends: BRAY
Current Status: ALIVE


Pushed to her very limits due to a recent mysterious accident which has resulted in her blindness, Emma would do anything to protect her family – regardless of the limitations that she is now forced to endure. A kind and sensitive soul, Emma struggles to look after her younger siblings, Shannon and Tiffany, in the aftermath of the virus and the constant attacks by a tribe of cannibals and slave traders, the Fallen. Despite all this, Emma’s sheer determination to continue on touches Bray when he stumbles upon the group within Arthur’s Air Force Base.

Knocking the injured Mall Rat unconscious, Emma tends to his injuries whilst she assesses whether she can trust him or not. With her blindness, Emma realises that she can’t take that chance – the safety of of her siblings is at stake. However, the situation is about to be thrust completely out of her control when the Fallen return to claim the last of her tribe, the Roaches. Seeing a kindred spirit within her, and relating to her plight, Bray urges her to let him help.

Despite his best efforts to protect them, the group are all captured by the Fallen.

Emma tries to keep her composure in the wake of her captivity, but unable to see what is going on, she fears for Shannon and Tiffany. She finds herself transported to the Legion’s base aboard the oil rig, unaware that the Mall Rats and the Natives are mounting an assault. Rescued, Emma now finds herself within the Mall Rats – providing her with the network of support for her family that she desperately craves.


Emma has had to cope with her blindness all this time, but she begins to slowly realise just how much she has had to lean on Bray for support. When Bray leaves in order to scout out Eloise and her Zootists, Emma is lost and afraid. She finds herself however comforted from the surprising source of Amber. Though Amber is initially reserved with Emma due to her belief that she is exactly the type of person that Bray could connect with, Emma confides in Amber that Bray hasn’t stopped talking about her. Amber was the one thing that has kept him going all this time.

Returning to Arthur’s Air Force Base is a strange experience for Emma, but it provides the Mall Rats with more information that they need regarding the events of the adults and the Collective. Though this journey leads to their capture, Emma is shocked to discover that Aras – a former member of the Roaches thought long dead – has been indoctrinated into the Zootists. Emma tries to reach out to him, to make him remember who he was, but even after he breaks free from their brainwashing, Aras no longer feels any affiliation with Emma or the Roaches. He is content to remain a Zootist and follow Ebony.

Though this firmly cements the death of the Roaches, Emma has found a new home within the Mall Rats.

A New Dawn

Following many challenges, the Mall Rats find themselves faced with an even greater struggle as they try to unravel the many unexplained mysteries they now encounter.

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A New World

Forced to flee the city – along with abandoning their dream of building a better world – the Mall Rats embark upon a perilous journey of discovery into the unknown.

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