Friends: KC
Current Status: UNKNOWN


Fisheye is introduced as an old mate of KC’s … which means that he is a thief and a trader who is out to make himself a sizable profit. Though he appears a little shocked that KC seems to be descending a little too deeply into the ‘Oracle of Zoot’ role that he is using to con the Guardian with, he quickly seizes the opportunity that is being presented.

KC however has his own plans and proceeds to trick Fisheye into buying Zoot’s infamous goggles … yet another world-class scam by the Mall Rat. Far from being a ‘collectors item’, KC proceeds to sell the one-of-a-kind goggles to several prospective buyers across the City, growing a little too greedy with the con.

Fisheye gets his revenge by chasing KC out of the club when he rounds up all of the disgruntled customers.

Though we do see Fisheye resurface within the marketplace some time later, the young man however no longer retains any connection (or indeed, any recognition) with KC. We’ll just have to chalk that one up to bad writing.

Drew Neemia Features On ‘Paint Fade’ By Smashproof

Drew Neemia (Fisheye) sings the hook on the New Zealand rap group Smashproof track, ‘PAINT FADE‘.

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