Friends: DAL
Loves: ELLIE
Current Status: ALIVE


With a passion for computers, and possessing an above average intellect, this geeky young man is a valuable asset for the tribe that begins to form within the mall. It is Jack who develops many of the devices which helps ease their daily lives, including the water filtration system, a way to charge batteries, and a security system for their home. Yet Jack’s intelligence is tempered by the occasional selfish streak, as well as his sarcasm which can sometimes rub people up the wrong way.

Dal, who quickly becomes his best friend, is the person who helps Jack with many of his inventions, providing the practical and hands-on approach which Jack desperately requires. Together, it appears that there isn’t anything that they can’t achieve when they set their minds to solving a problem. Though Dal often has to intervenes in order to keep Jack both grounded and humble.

Having discovered the mall first, Jack harbours a secret stash of food which he is reluctant to share with the others, knowing that it will be wasted in no time at all. But such a secret is difficult to hide for long, and soon many individuals begin to bribe and manipulate Jack due to its existence. When the truth is finally revealed to the entire tribe, Jack is put on trial. After manipulating the entire jury, Lex manages to get Jack off for his crimes, wanting to keep his own secrets buried.

With the re-emergence of the virus, Jack is one of the forerunners in wanting to journey to the mountain observatory. He finds coordinates in the files from Hope Island and pushes the others to go to Eagle Mountain – it could be their only hope. At the observatory, it is Jack who manages to gain access to the computer systems. Unfortunately, the old generators will end up causing an explosion.


In the aftermath of the explosion up on Eagle Mountain, Jack continues to pursue the antidote and the truth behind the virus. With the antidote soon discovered by Tai San, the Mall Rats begin to have hope once more for the future. It is during this time that Jack encounters Ellie, and the mutual attraction is obvious. More comfortable with computers and technology, Jack however is unable to properly explain his feelings, and has to fight to stop himself for looking like a complete fool when in her company.

Ellie, who has also never been in a relationship and doesn’t know how to explain her own feelings, teases Jack when she realises that he is about to open up to her. Though he is both angry and upset, they eventually have a heart-to-heart and become a couple. Jack is on a high after this, but begins to grow incredibly jealous of Dal, who spends time with Ellie up on the farm. It is Jack who helps Ellie to achieve her journalistic dream by sets up the Amulet newsletter. Together, the two try to break the story of the virus.

It is during their investigation that they discover that Danni’s involvement with the virus … that her father was one of the scientists working on an anti-aging project that drastically backfired. Though Jack is more concerned about Danni making them both look like fools when they were trying to hunt down the truth, rather than her indirect involvement. As his friendship with Dal continues to fracture, the Mall Rats force Jack to work at the hotel in order to keep an eye on Ebony. Jack grows more and more flustered during this time, the pressures of being a spy far too much for him to cope with.

When Ebony works out what Jack is doing, she threatens him.

Jack’s jealousy when it comes to Ellie rears its ugly head once more, when the Mall Rats encounter the charming Wolf. Not knowing that he is a secret Chosen informant, he tells the Mall Rats that the Chosen are finished, tricking Ellie into printing the lies and confusing everyone. The way is paved for the Chosen’s triumphant return.


With their attack against the Chosen in tatters, Jack is captured alongside the other Mall Rats and returned to the mall. Using his knowledge of their home, Jack tries to escape, but he is caught. Though the Mall Rats fear the worst, the Guardian has realised just how much of an asset Jack is. He is far too valuable a person to simply kill. Instead, Jack is sent away to work on the Chosen’s secret projects.

Ellie is distraught. Though she initially refuses, she is forced to go along with a ploy to use the obvious attraction of their enemy against them. But this ploy begins to backfire, as Ellie soon develops genuine feelings for Lieutenant Luke.

When the Chosen’s grip on the city begins to falter and collapse on the overthrow of the Guardian, Jack returns to his home … where he discovers Ellie’s feelings for the former Chosen Lieutenant. Despite tension between them for a while, Jack never lost his feelings for Ellie. The two eventually reconcile and resume their relationship, ready to try again.


No one is more shocked than Jack by the sudden appearance of a technologically advanced tribe which now sets its sight on invading the city. Together with Ellie, they head out to gather as much information about the Technos that they can, but their initial encounter reveals that the tribe have come to conquer. Rescuing Dee from the Technos after she is stunned by their projectile weaponry, Jack and the others take her back with them to the mall.

Attempting to mount an offensive against the Technos, Jack is soon captured and taken away.


With their hold on the city and their prisoners faltering during the transition of power between Ram and Mega, Jack makes a surprise return to the city. On his journey back to the mall, Jack encounters, and rescues, a naive Gel who is on the run from a group of thugs. With nowhere else for her to go, Jack decides to take her with him.

He is eventually reunited with Ellie on her own surprise return to the mall … but Ellie has completely lost her memories. It is Jack who saves the Mall Rats from disaster when he defuses the bomb that Java had rigged on her. Jack helps Ellie to remember her past, and upon the return of those memories, the two become a couple once more.

As the Mall Rats begin to suspect that Mega isn’t what he seems, Jack becomes an undercover mole – working with Mega on the surface, but secretly trying to sabotage him at any available opportunity. It is Jack who uncovers the Zoot AI programme, which is ready to release the mach II version of the virus out into the atmosphere. Unable to stop it, Jack escapes alongside the other Mall Rats on the trawler.


With Zak’s confession that he doesn’t even know how to pilot the trawler, it is Jack who is forced to quickly get himself up to speed and learn how to navigate the trawler out on the open seas. With fuel dangerously low and supplies about to vanish, Jack helps to rig up a crude tarpaulin in order to gather any rain. Unfortunately, rain showers were few and far between. By some miracle, the Mall Rats discover the massive Jzhao Li cargo vessel. Jack risks his life to enable the trawler to ride alongside the ship, allowing the Mall Rats to make the transition between them, before he is narrowly able to do the same.

With the mysterious onboard the cargo ship, the task was given to Jack and Ram to work out the complex instruments of the ship. Ram, egotistical and brilliant, scoffs at the idea of Jack having the needed intelligence, quickly turning it into a competition between the two of them. Despite his arrogance and misguided nature, Ram’s brilliance can not be denied, and together, they begin to work out how to pilot the Jzhao Li. Unfortunately, Ram has no intentions of continuing on their current heading, and he makes a mistake which will see the ship crashing against the island.

Now forced to make their home on the mysterious island, Jack accompanies Lex on a scouting party, where they are easily captured by the Natives tribe. It is here that they are introduced to Lia and the Priestess. Jack admires how Lia has been able to learn their language and make a life for herself within their tribe.

As events come to a head, Jack fights alongside the others against the Legion.


As the Mall Rats continue to try and decipher the mysteries of the Collective, the group soon embark on a journey back to Arthur’s Air Force Base in order to find out what they can. It is Jack who explores the advanced computer systems, trying to understand all their uses. Whilst there, an unknown individual makes contact with him through the emergency UNANET system, a system which allows for communication to occur in the event of a global emergency.

Though the identity of the person on the other end of the UNANET system is never uncovered, it is believed that they were a part of the Collective tribe, since the Zootists soon storm Arthur’s Air Force Base, capturing the Mall Rats in the process.

Alongside Amber and Ram, Jack is taken back to Eagle Mountain, forced to uncover the access codes to the secret hidden levels. With Ram’s help, it is Jack who comes up with the correct numerical sequence to the entrance, unlocking the path to the secrets inside – the hibernation chambers and an AI system controlling it all. Though Eloise kills the sleeping adults, the Mall Rats recover the data drive which contains their accumulated knowledge.

But the question is if Jack can decipher that knowledge before the Collective mount their counter-assault, desperate to get their hands on a treasure that they have been seeking for all this time.

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