Also Known As: BRAY JR
Current Status: ALIVE


Born in a cow barn on the outskirts of the city, the baby of Amber and Bray enters the world without having his father present. Captured during the Techno’s invasion, Bray is taken away from his family, leaving Amber to raise their child alone. Amber however, is far from alone, being aided in raising the baby with Trudy’s help as well as the other Mall Rats.

Named after his father, Baby Bray is initially raised within the Gaian Camp after Amber’s exile from the city, but eventually lives within the mall on Amber’s eventual return there. Though he spends time with his mother, Amber is determined to make a better world for her child, and concentrates on overthrowing the Technos.


With events worsening in the fight against the Technos once Mega steps into power, Amber doesn’t get to spend much time with Baby Bray during this time of strife.

When the virus is about to be released into the city, Amber risks her life in order to rescue the missing Lottie from the mall, even though this meant that she herself would certainly die. Though Trudy is adamant that they should wait for her, Lex makes her see reason – they have Baby Bray, and Amber would want him to be safe. Amber resigns herself to the fact that she had Lottie have run out of time, but when Jay arrives, they make one final push for the docks – making it just in time.


Baby Bray has a rough time of it on board the trawler, especially with low supplies, little water, and no fresh food. Though Amber remains optimistic of their chances, she is concerned when Trudy begins to harbor the notion that Brady is better off dead than starving to death. The Mall Rats eventually make it out of this dire situation, beginning a life on the island at Camp Phoenix.


In the aftermath of events against the Collective, and with the death of Amber’s former lover Jay, Amber and Bray make the gesture of renaming their son after him in order to honor his memory and sacrifice.

Series 5

From order to disorder, from peace to war, from stability to chaos, as the series draws to a close, the tribes’ face their future together. Has the dream been realised?

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Series 4

The Techno invasion has begun – they are clearly technologically advanced but who are they and where have they come from? Rumours abound the city that they could be adults!

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