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Headstrong and possessing deep morals, this high-ranking Techno general is determined to always try and do the best thing, no matter what. Though these ideals might seem at odds with the Technos and the inherent superiority complex which they possess, Jay however believes that the technologically advanced tribe can truly make a difference – that they are a way to make a better future for everyone.

Despite being Ram’s general, this doesn’t always mean that Jay knows what is happening in Ram’s plans, and is often left in the dark. It is clear that Java is interested in Jay, but Jay is always focused on his work. He always tries to work with the city kids, to ensure a better crossover for the Techno’s rule, and even helps to reunite Ellie and Jack. Seeing a lot of Bray within the Techno officer, it comes as no surprise that Ebony is immediately drawn to him. Jay soon starts a secret relationship with Ebony – behind Ram’s back.

But the wedge between both Jay and Ram started before his relationship with Ebony, as Jay’s brother, Ved, mysteriously vanishes after facing off against the Techno leader. Jay knows that Ram was behind it, but he isn’t able to fully confront him on the issue.

Though Jay and Ebony try to keep their relationship going, it is clear that Ram wants Ebony for himself and will not take no for an answer. Eventually, Jay and Ebony run away together in the hopes that they can be together. They stumble upon the Gaians and Jay decides that he wants to go back to the City to help defeat Ram. Seeing the looks which pass between Amber and Jay, Ebony would prefer that they make a run for it and a new life for themselves. But this isn’t in Jay’s nature.

Ultimately, the group are successful in their endeavors to overthrow Ram, and it seems that everything will work out well.


It is at this time that Ebony’s mind is being manipulated by Java and Mega. She wants Jay close, as she doesn’t understand what is happening, but she is becoming increasingly jealous of his friendship with Amber. He eventually breaks it off with her and tries to start a relationship with Amber, but she rejects him, especially when news about Bray’s ‘deletion’ comes to light.

Jay is crushed and soon finds solace in Trudy. The two start a relationship and, when Amber returns to the mall, they keep the relationship a secret. During this time the truth about Mega’s insidious nature is starting to surface. There is a plan to try and let the people know the truth about the Techno and, during this time, Jay and Amber finally become a couple. This results in a confrontation between Trudy and Amber, causing a fight between these close friends. Fleeing the mall, Trudy is easily manipulated by Mega, who manages to capture both Jay and Amber.

Though this results in Jay having his memory wiped, Ram manages to help, allowing Jay to regain his memory. Jay continues to work against Mega, and, when the new virus is about to be released, is seen leaving on the boat with the rest of the Mall Rats.


With the Mall Rats trapped on the trawler out at sea with rapidly dwindling supplies, fuel, and morale, Jay is there as a comforting presence throughout it all. He can be seen lending Amber support in her drive to lead the tribe, or smoothly breaking up potential arguments between both Ram and Lex. When it comes to light that Ram knows more than he is letting on about this mysterious Collective that he warns the Mall Rats about, it is Jay who attempts to reach out to him during their excursion on the island which the tribe have ended up on.

Little by little, Jay manages to pry information loose from the former leader of the Technos, coaxing him into telling the other Mall Rats what he knows. Eventually, this leads the Mall Rats into facing off against the Legion … which also results in the rescue of the long lost Mall Rat, Bray.

In the aftermath which follows, Jay has a quiet word with Bray, promising that he will step aside if that is his wish. Bray however, after all his experiences, can see the good man behind the uniform, and suggests that he will do the same.

It seems that the decision will be left up to Amber.


Both Jay and Bray are left in limbo as a distraught Amber is unable to make a clear decision concerning her heart, unable to choose between them. Though both guys try and give her the space that she needs, especially with events concerning the Collective looming over them all, the frustration however is beginning to grow out of control.

After Bray goes to scout Eloise alone after an argument with Amber, Jay decides to head after him and provide some backup. Though he is unable to catch up to Bray, Jay does spot the Zootist vessel which is heading back to the mainland, warning the Mall Rats of what is about to happen.

Returning back to where it all began, Jay continues to fight for his friends. In the final battle against the Guardian, Jay forces his way into his inner circle of elite guards in order to protect the Mall Rats. But Jay, even with his fighting skills, can not stand against so many individuals. Jay fights to the bitter end … and is eventually overcome.

In an act of remembrance, Bray suggests to Amber that they rename their baby in his honor.

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‘The Dark Horse’ Developed By James Napier Robertson & Tom Hern

A brilliant but troubled New Zealand chess champion finds purpose by teaching underprivileged children about the rules of chess and life. Developed by James Napier Robertson (Jay) and Tom Hern (Ram).

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Online Tribal Gathering 2011

The Tribe Official hosted an online Tribal Gathering for fans of the show on its Facebook page in order to celebrate a milestone of likes. Several tribe cast and crew members participated throughout the event.

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‘Im Not Harry Jenson’ Starring Tom Hern & Developed By James Napier Robertson

A true crime novelist, obsessed with his latest book and convinced he is losing his mind, takes a trip to the forest to recover, but ends up with a fellow traveler dead and blood on his hands. Starring Tom Hern (Ram) as Kevin. Written and directed by James Napier Robertson (Jay).

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