Current Status: ALIVE


The enigmatic leader of the Collective is shrouded in mystery. What little information we know has come second or third hand. It is believed that he was an online gamer and hacker who met Ram online before the virus struck. When it did, the two hacked into official Government servers, unveiling the secrets that they were trying to keep hidden. This eventually led to Ram forming the Technos, whereas Kami formed the Collective – a more expansive network of tribes all under his command and grand design.

Ram believed that Kami attempted to sabotage the Technos by altering the data of the AI Zoot and causing the malfunction which resulted in the viral explosion throughout the City. This was thought to be in retaliation to Ram for keeping the secrets and technology of Eagle Mountain to himself.

Little else is known, except that all the tribes in the region report to the Collective, and so in turn, to Kami.


During the opening prelude, Kami’s identity is revealed to be a young man of Asian descent who transports Tai San to his luxurious resort base. Knowing her affiliation with the Mall Rats, he begins to question her about what she knows concerning Eagle Mountain.

Though we do not see him after this event, it is eventually revealed that Eloise is pregnant with Kami’s child.

But more and more mysteries continue to surround Kami, as the journey to Eagle Mountain uncovers a mainframe computer system which is keeping the hibernating adults alive … and it is called K.A.M.I. What connection this system has to the real Kami remains unclear – whether Kami took his name after hacking Government files which revealed the term, or whether the human Kami is a decoy for someone else. The truth remains to be uncovered.

All that the Mall Rats know is that Kami will stop at nothing to uncover the secrets to Eagle Mountain, so they must be prepared for the Collective’s next assault. With the data hard-drive in their possession, which contains the accumulated knowledge of the adults, the Mall Rats must keep this treasure safe, whatever the cost.

A New Dawn

Following many challenges, the Mall Rats find themselves faced with an even greater struggle as they try to unravel the many unexplained mysteries they now encounter.

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A New World

Forced to flee the city – along with abandoning their dream of building a better world – the Mall Rats embark upon a perilous journey of discovery into the unknown.

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