Loves: LEX
Current Status: UNKNOWN


Following his increase in fame due to his appearances as the City’s champion within the Reality Space scenarios, it comes as no surprise that Lex finds himself surrounded by fans. Encountering Lex alongside her friend, Kandy appears a little star-struck and smitten by the Mall Rat, and with his inability to say ‘no’, the two quickly end up in his love shack.

Unfortunately for Lex, Siva finds them both in bed, with Kandy making it very clear that Siva is intruding. Later, Siva exacts some revenge on Lex within a kickboxing Reality Space scenario.

There is however more to Kandy than meets the eye, as we witness a secret rendezvous between herself and Siva’s sister, Java. Kandy receives a payment from the Techno for a job well done. It seems that Java was out to set Lex up … and Lex fell for the ‘bait’ completely.

Review – The Last Great Snail Chase

There are some great moments, and I think there’s a lesson in there somewhere about not wasting your life, but it gets lost among long drawn out banter about anarchism.

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