Current Status: ALIVE / MISSING


Though one of the younger kids, KC is very cheeky and street smart, able to use his wits and think fast in order to survive. We first encounter this scammer when he is caught stealing in the mall. Despite the group outright condemning his actions, Lex sees potential and guts, wanting to give him a chance within the tribe. From then on out, KC is Lex’s partner in crime, in on all of his schemes and scams.

Though they are reluctant at first, KC soon becomes friends with Cloe and Patsy, using his charm to get into their good graces. Due to his allegiance with Lex, KC finds himself getting into trouble trying to frame Bray during the water bottle scandal. This backfires and KC comes clean in order to save Lex’s hide. Though the group agree that KC should be thrown out – since this was the punishment that Lex was about to dish to Bray – the entire event is quickly forgotten when Patsy brings an adult Glen back to the mall.

Though a liar, con-artist and a thief, KC finds himself getting the Mall Rats into trouble, but he is also able to get them out of it. When the Locos corner Bray, Amber and himself, KC thinks fast, telling them not to get close because they are all infected with the virus. Later, KC starts to gamble at the local casino, and soon finds himself on the wrong end of Top Hat, the leader of Tribe Circus. Under duress, KC eventually leads Tribe Circus to the mall and they easily take it over.

Despite this, and despite being afraid, KC rises up when he sees Top Hat manhandling Zandra and attempting to rape her. Though he stops this incident from happening, the tribe find themselves locked within the grill and the mall torched. It is only the timely intervention of Lex, Ebony and the Locos which sees them all saved.


When the Mall Rats find the antidote, thanks to the journey to Eagle Mountain, KC is one of the group who wants to sell it and forge a position of power for the tribe. However, the push-back from the group, including Bray and Danni, is relentless. KC cannot believe how shortsighted the leaders are – he can clearly see the money to be made but he is quickly voted down.

With a system being put into place, KC decides to then scam kids who come to the mall for the antidote – by getting ‘gifts’ off of them in return. He is soon found out and punished. Later, KC attempts to break into Tai San’s lab and uncover the secret formula that she is holding close to her chest. But in his clumsiness, he accidentally causes an explosion which almost takes Tai San’s life. Luckily, she only loses some of her memories.

Though KC attempts to leave, he is caught by Lex who convinces him to come clean. The Mall Rats punish him by sending him to work on the farm. When a sense of normality returns to the City as things settle down, KC also spends his time scamming at the marketplace – and we really see his expert ‘skills’ in this area.


During events of the Chosen’s occupation of the City, and though KC spends some time as a slave, no one really trusts him when he attempts to get involved with the Resistance. Though he tries not to show it, this really hurts the young kid. Eventually he is finally allowed to help, and he is instrumental in getting Trudy out of the mall. This event however puts him in the Guardian’s path. With his quick thinking, KC manages to manipulate the situation, becoming the Guardian’s oracle.

As the oracle, this puts him in a unique position within the Chosen, allowing KC to move around freely, get extra rations, and just as importantly, access to and from the mall. KC soon starts scamming again, but as usual, he is quickly caught for all of his efforts. KC allies himself with the other youngsters – Andy and Tally, becoming their mentor and showing them the ropes of being a scam artist. Though Tally doesn’t like him taking advantage of them, the three of them work well together in their small schemes.

As events unfold, KC remains at the Guardian’s side until he is eventually overthrown. It is during this time, when the Guardian has completely lost his mind, that KC manages to talk Bray into dressing up like his brother. It is this act which inevitably saves the mall.

As the Techno’s invade the City, it is believed that KC was captured alongside several others.


As events draw to a close in the Mall Rat’s fight against Mega and the Technos, it is revealed that KC is actually alive and well, though a prisoner on an island by a mysterious tribe. He is not alone, as Alice is by his side … as is the former leader of the Chosen, who is more crazed than ever.

It is here that KC reveals that, at one point, he has seen Bray during his time in captivity – which leads us to Bray’s plight within the Collective.


Though the Guardian ultimately resurfaces, the fate of both KC and Alice remains unknown. It is believed that they are still being held prisoner by a tribe who must be working in conjunction with the Collective.

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