Played by CALEB ROSS

Current Status: ALIVE


Lex first enters the mall as a strong, argumentative, alpha male. While the rest of the kids in the tribe are moving forward in the brave new world, Lex seems to think that he is in the past, where women do the cooking and cleaning and men do the hunting and gathering. Alongside his loyal sidekick, Ryan, together they steal water, intimidate others, and generally acts as a bully within the mall, throwing his weight around at any available opportunity. It comes as no surprise that Lex immediately takes a massive dislike to Bray, wary of the challenger to his rule. However, Bray does not want anything to do with leadership. Instead, he finds himself challenging Amber for the role of tribe leader, but she smartly fixes it for him to win, knowing that he would soon tire of the role.

Lex quickly comes to the realisation that being a leader, and having to deal with every single issue, is not all it is cracked up to be, especially when the girls revolt against his archaic rules. Amber slyly pushes him towards a role more suited to his skills – Head of Security. It is here that Lex thrives, protecting the mall and everyone within its walls.

Having been pursuing her from the start, Lex does enter a relationship with Zandra, however, she refuses to take things to another level, scared of being discarded by him as soon as she does. This leads Lex into the waiting arms of Tai San. Though she is only interested in balancing his aura for the good of the tribe, Lex is infatuated. When Zandra finds out about their ‘encounters’, she is furious. With the ultimatum there, and Tai San not backing down from her initial state of mind, Lex turns his attention back to Zandra, eventually marrying her.

When Lex gets the virus he looks to Tai San to help heal him, which does not go down well with Zandra. Lex leaves the mall in an attempt to heal but finds himself the prisoner of the Locos. Luckily Ebony’s testing of the antidote vials cures him of his infliction. He gets back together with Zandra and is overjoyed to find out that she is pregnant. Alongside the other Mall Rats, they head to Eagle Mountain to find the antidote formula. But Lex wouldn’t be Lex without getting his revenge, riding on a motorcycle with Top Hat’s ‘hat’, payback for what he did to Zandra.

Unfortunately, it is on Eagle Mountain that Zandra dies.


With the loss of his wife and their unborn child, Lex must deal with these issues and move forward in order to secure the antidote that the tribe desperately needs. Once they achieve this, he is extremely vocal in his belief that they should use the knowledge of the formula in order to benefit them all, but he is shouted down by many of the Mall Rats. He initially becomes tight with Ebony to try and discover the antidote for the virus for themselves. However, this does not pan out. One of his schemes, involving KC, leaves Tai San in a coma. It is around this time that Lex starts to spiral out of control and begins to drink. He quickly falls out of power and favor amongst the Mall Rats, becoming a shadow of his former self.

During this time the Chosen make themselves known, and in a roundabout way, he ends up getting Trudy taken away. His drinking continues to grow worse – resulting in an encounter with Salene where he tries to force her into sex. It is this event which sees Lex banished from the mall. Lex however, continues to drink, ending up completely intoxicated out on the city streets. Through it all however, Ryan, though angry with him, tries to reach out to his friend. We begin to learn of Lex’s past with Ryan in the Boot Camp programme, and how Ryan believes Lex is often misunderstood and mistreated. Ryan is determined to stand by him, despite how far they have grown apart.

Whilst out in the city, Lex meets May within the Outcasts who eventually steals his shoes! Ryan soon tracks his old friend down and returns him to the mall, where Lex starts to change his ways. He stops drinking and takes over his old role as Head of Security, but on a smaller scale. He is the head of the market place. Alice is his deputy and it is at this time that she develops feelings for Lex. Lex does not see this and his attention turns back to Tai San. It is clear that his feelings never faded and he still feels strongly for her. After a heated exchange they begin a secret relationship. Though they both feel bad for Alice, they continue to pursue their relationship.

Eventually Lex tells Alice and her heart is broken. Tai San tried to end their relationship, however they are both in love and can’t let go. They are eventually married with Alice giving her blessing. Their honeymoon is cut short however by the Chosen, who take Tai San prisoner. Lex, Bray, Ryan and Jack lead the charge to battle the Chosen and, just when they think they have won, the Chosen show their cards and all is lost. Bray and Lex speed off and end up crashing.


The outcome of the crashed dune buggy is revealed – with both Lex and Bray surviving the crash. From this point on, Lex joins the resistance movement against the Chosen. He sees something in Pride and convinces Ebony and Bray to take his help. This involves a fight between Lex and Pride, where Lex refuses to back down no matter how much he is beaten. Pride sees the type of man he is and says he would be happy to fight beside him. Lex is as shocked as everyone else to discover that Amber is alive and leading the Gaians. Though they are initially forced to leave without their help, Amber eventually agrees, bolstering their odds against the Chosen.

Within the Resistance, Lex spends a lot of his time fighting the Chosen, hitting them where they can and trying to take them down. The problem comes when Lex finds out that Tai San is going to become the new Supreme Mother of the Chosen. He is devastated, believing that she no longer loves him. When they meet up in secret, they manage to have a brief conversation with Tai San trying to tell Lex the reason that she is doing this. Lex is still heart broken and wants revenge.

Eventually they beat the Chosen and Lex wants nothing more than to punish the Guardian. This puts a wedge between Tai San and himself but eventually this is resolved. Lex agrees to help Tai San look after the Guardian for the sake of their marriage. He doesn’t have to worry however, as the Guardian soon escapes from the confines of the mall.


With his wife lost to the Technos, Lex will soon find himself once again heavily involved in a resistance movement against the city’s latest threat. But whereas the Chosen came as a dominating force offering faith, the Technos offer technology and comfort. Lex finds himself retaining some of the mantle of City Sheriff, becoming the face of the people when the Technos begin their Reality Space implementations. It gives the tribes someone to look up to, and unknowingly to Lex, also helps pacify them further to the Technos’ rule. At his side is the Mall Rat’s new ally, the former Mozzie Dee. Though she initially has a crush on Lex, the two become friends, often seen patrolling the city together.

Though Lex doesn’t give up searching for Tai San, taking out his anger on Charlie and Mouse when they deface his shrine to her, absence has always been the biggest downfall of this rogue. With Tai San gone, he begins to appraise someone new in his life – the Techno, Siva. Her sister however is not happy about this, and tries continuously to break them up, even going as far as setting Lex up with Kandy – and making sure that Siva finds them together in his ‘love shack’. Though Siva breaks up with Lex, they are soon brought together again.

Lex eventually brings Siva into the fold amongst the Mall Rats, helping her to become accustomed to life there, despite her difficulties. Meanwhile, Lex continues to help the Resistance fight back against the Technos. In the final fight against them, he is shocked to encounter Tai San – who now appears to be a Techno. Though the two are overjoyed to see one another again, it seems that they have both moved on, with Tai San at Mega’s side and him with Siva. But is the spark between them too strong?

Lex however will not get that chance to find out, as Tai San vanishes in the aftermath of Ram’s overthrow.


Unable to come to terms with Tai San’s mysterious disappearance, Lex tries to track her down, much to the chagrin of Siva. She had seen the look that had passed between them and is determined to hold onto the lovable rogue for herself. Lex however, isn’t one to easily give up, and tries to find his former wife. This begins to form a wedge between them, a wedge which becomes a gulf when Java tries to pressure Siva into joining her plans for Ebony and the city. Eventually, Siva joins her sisters as they reignite power and chaos, becoming a new chaotic force within the city, the Zootists.

With it now being pretty common knowledge of how he killed Zoot – especially due to his boasts back in the day – the Mall Rat is quickly forced to go into hiding. He eventually ends up in Liberty, forming a new heart of the Resistance there against Mega. It is here that he meets Darryl, who quickly becomes Lex’s sidekick. Lex and Darryl attempt to build a virtual casino within Ruby’s Saloon, but this idea is soon kicked to dust.

When a showdown occurs in Liberty, Lex is devastated when it ends up in Siva’s death. He is angry in the ceremony, telling the others that they didn’t know her, or even wanted to.

As events come to a head within the city, Lex learns from a locked up Mega what happened to some of the missing Mall Rats. He soon tracks down Fish, a former Techno prison officer, who tells him of the location where they could be – the location that could be where we see Alice, KC and the Guardian. Armed with this knowledge, Lex escapes the viral outbreak in the city alongside the others.


Trapped on the trawler out at sea, Lex clashes constantly with Ram. He never had any love for the former Techno leader, and in the cramped confines of the small boat, their heated exchanges come thick and fast. Lex’s feelings towards Ram seem to be well placed, when Ram attempts to sabotage the Mall Rat’s efforts by steering the trawler back to the mainland – using up their precious fuel supply. And later, when Ram begins to divulge about the Collective and what happened back in the city, this only further confirms Lex’s position towards him.

Stranded on the mysterious island, Lex takes up the old mantle of Head of Security by trying to make their new home safe. He sets out to scout out the area alongside Jack … unknowingly walking into a trap which sees them both captured by the Natives tribe. It is here that he encounters the stunning Priestess and the German born Lia. Lex immediately falls in love with them both – in different ways. He loves the spiritual connection that he gets from the Priestess, reminding him of Tai San, but he loves Lia’s intelligence and heart. We see him struggle to decide who he is infatuated with more.

Lex helps lead the fight against the Legion tribe, which sees the return of the missing Mall Rat, Bray.


With everyone’s attentions on the mysteries of the Collective and surviving in Camp Phoenix, Lex turn’s his own attentions to the connection with the Natives, trying to learn their ways and helping them to understand their own. Via Lia’s translations to the Priestess, he tells her stories about the city and everything that the Mall Rats have overcome over the years. The Priestess is impressed by what they have achieved. Lex becomes Head of Security within the camp, showing them tricks and ways that they are unaware of.

Though Lia had taken a liking to Lex from their first encounter, it is during this time that she begins to truly open up to him. Though she knows that he is a rogue, there is just something about him that she can’t help not like. There is a heart buried beneath the surface. We soon see Lex and Lia grow close, becoming a couple.

When Connor washes up at Camp Phoenix, Lex is immediately distrustful. Just like when Bray sauntered into the mall for the first time, Lex can see that Connor is hiding something. However, the others do not listen to Lex, and instead, welcome Connor with open arms. It is only Lia who truly believes Lex, as she is also uncertain of just how genuine he appears to be.

Lex will soon be proven right when Connor is eventually revealed to be a Bounty Hunter for the Collective.

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