Played by BETH CHOTE

Friends: SAMMY
Current Status: ALIVE


A young and streetwise thief whose innocent looks can easily get her out of the deepest hot water that she might land herself in, Lottie has managed to survive alone on the streets of Liberty. It is whilst attempting to steal supplies from Ruby’s Saloon that Lottie finds herself confronted by the owner. However, instead of simply throwing her back out, Ruby gives some kindness to the homeless Lottie and takes her in. It is this moment which changes Lottie’s path in life, as she begins to once again feel a sense of family as Ruby takes her under her wing.

Lottie eventually makes her way to the mall, where she strikes up a friendship with Sammy.

When events come to a head with Mega and the rogue AI version of Zoot, Lottie finds herself trapped in the mall when she attempted to get something from Gel’s room. Gel – being Gel – decided to lock her cupboard on exiting the mall, leaving Lottie well and truly trapped. It is only thanks to a timely rescue by Amber and Jay that Lottie manages to survive the release of the mach II virus into the city.


Trapped onboard the trawler with little food, supplies or indeed personal space, Lottie is comforted by several Mall Rats, especially Darryl, who never stops trying to entertain and keep up the flagging spirits of the younger members of the tribe. In the shocking aftermath of the crash, Lottie finds a grieving Ruby who is unable to face the possibility of Slade dying.

As events come to a head, Lottie finds herself trying to come to terms with an entirely different lifestyle compared to the one left behind back in the city.


When the mysterious, enigmatic (and very attractive) Connor arrives at Camp Phoenix, Lottie finds herself instantly attracted to the older man … much to the annoyance of Sammy. Of course, the secret Bounty Hunter has his sights set on Trudy and Brady. Sammy tries everything he can to try and connect with Lottie, unable to completely hide his own feelings towards her, but Lottie certainly does not feel the same way.

It is only during the final battle back in the mall that Lottie begins to see Sammy in an entirely new light – marveling at his bravery during the fight to save Trudy and Brady. Perhaps there might be a chance for Sammy after all. Perhaps.

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