Loves: LEX
Current Status: DECEASED


At the height of the virus, the Government began the Boot Camp initiative programme in order to help provide some discipline and survivor training onto the younger generation who were about to inherit the world. It is within one such programme that Lex met Ryan … but also saw a pivotal encounter with their instructor, Major Grant. A no-nonsense woman who knows exactly what Lex is about and has seen his type many times before, Major Grant takes an instant disliking to the rogue, singling him out.

And since Lex simply can not take public humiliation, he retaliates, making the situation even worse.

During the obstacle course, Major Grant tackles Lex. It seems that though Major Grant despises him, she is also drawn to bad boys like Lex. But she is also determined to make an example of him. After their ‘encounter’, Major Grant sees that Lex is court marshaled, detailing just how disruptive he is and that he will never make anything of himself.

Ryan, seeing the teasing wink that she then gives Lex, loses his explosive temper, which results in the two being sentenced to 6 months hard labour on the farms.

Robyn Malcolm Stars In ‘Upper Middle Bogan’

The story of two families living at opposite ends of the freeway. When Bess finds out that she is adopted, she is stunned, but even more so when she meets her birth parents, Wayne and Julie Wheeler (Robyn Malcolm – Ma’am).

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