Friends: SALENE
Current Status: ALIVE


A street smart individual with a fierce survival and self-preservation instinct, May is only loyal to herself or those people incredibly close to her. When we first encounter this young woman, she is living within the Outcasts tribe, a group of strays moving from one place to another in order to survive. When she comes across a drunk and intoxicated Lex out on the city streets, she takes him back with her to the Outcasts, providing him a safe place to spend the night. They two share a brief liaison. But a place to spend the night comes at a cost, as Lex discovers in the morning when he finds that the Outcasts have taken his shoes!

We don’t encounter May again until she manages to rescue Salene from members of the Demon Dogs. They strike up a friendship and Salene trusts her with her secrets and current struggles. May attempts to give the troubled Mall Rat some advice. During this time, May tries to rekindle her romance with Lex but is pushed away. When she sees Trudy for the first time May tells them about the Supreme Mother and her role in the Chosen – things she has learnt from the Outcasts and from others outside of the city. Trudy however manages to manipulate the situation and puts May off the scent.

Amongst the Mall Rats, May is captured alongside everyone else when the Chosen return in full force.


Becoming a slave is not the state of living that May would want – but this survivor quickly takes it over the alternative. However, when a greater opportunity presents itself, May can not hold herself back. As the Guardian promises that anyone who is open to the Word of Zoot will rise to join their ranks, May decides to do exactly that, seeking a more comfortable existence. On joining the Chosen, May often finds herself on the Guardian’s radar. In order to keep her new position, May promises to help the Guardian capture Bray. Unfortunately, her plan does not deliver, and the situation sees the death of Dal.

With the situation growing dire, May begins to realise that she needs a way out of the Chosen. She approaches her former allies and helps the Mall Rats by becoming an undercover spy. She delivers messages and helps the resistance – both inside and outside the mall. When Pride comes into the Mall, May recognises him and falls head over heels. She helps him in any way that she can and promises to keep his secrets.

When the Chosen are defeated, May becomes the target of Lex, who tars and feathers her and is perpetually cruel to her – retribution for turning on the Mall Rats. She then starts a relationship with Pride and her life starts to get better.


However when the Technos invade, May is soon captured. We do not see her again for a long time.

May eventually resurfaces during the Technos’ occupation of the city as part of the launch of their Reality Space game. An aftereffect of this however is that May suffers from VR sickness, and is a little addicted. On her return to the mall, she slowly recovers and attempts to get things back on track with Pride, however Pride breaks her heart by telling her that he is in love with Salene.

May struggles to come to terms with the loss of Pride.


The relationship between Pride and Salene sends May down the road of depression. She decides to help Mega by spying on the Mall Rats.  All she wants is love and affection but this is always so difficult to find. Blinded by jealousy, May ensures that a captured Salene remains locked away, somehow hoping that it could lead her back into the arms of Pride. But all it does is see the man she loves killed by Ram’s loyal followers.

May is completely devastated by what occurs.

Wracked by guilt, May initially attempts to tell Salene the truth of what happened, but when Salene gets angry at her, May blurts out that Pride’s final words were that he loved May. This is of course a lie – he said that he loved Salene. This has the intended effect of hurting Salene greatly. Eventually however, May opens up with Salene and tells her the truth. Salene however understands the love that they both had for Pride, and the two grow close.

It is at this time that May begins to develop feelings for Salene. Though she is shocked by these feelings, she is determined to keep them to herself … until the two share a kiss. Unfortunately, Salene makes it clear that she is not interested in May in that way, only wanting them to be friends.

When the virus is about to be released, May manages to secure passage on her friend Zak’s trawler, allowing them all to escape from the city.


On board the confined space of the trawler, May begins to forge a tighter connection with her old friend, Zak. Whether it is the combined knock-backs from Pride and Salene, or that she is simply now open to a new connection, May decides to grab the possibility of a companionship with both hands. Despite the circumstances, the two share what moments they can on the trawler, and grow incredibly close, soon entering a relationship.

However, May’s unluckiness in love is about to rear its ugly head once again. Unable to escape the confines of the Jzhao Li as it heads on a direct collision course with the mysterious island, both Zak and Slade end up in a critical condition. This event sees May go head-to-head with Ruby as they fight over who ‘deserves’ the few bits of medication at their disposal. Though Ruby demands that Slade should get the lion’s share, May is aghast that she can even say such a thing. Though Amber tries to mediate and state that it will all be shared equally and fairly, none of them are aware that Ruby is pregnant with Slade’s child – hence her current arguments to let Zak die.

After an explosive argument with Ruby, it is May who actually rescues her from a failed diving attempt within the wreckage of the cargo ship to find more medicines for Slade. However, this will only save Slade, as Zak – who was in a coma – passes away. May is extremely distraught.


It is soon revealed why May has been struggling so badly with the death of Zak. In a close conversation with Salene, she reveals that she used to suffer from clinical depression. Though it was buried under medication, when the virus hit, she somehow managed to keep going. But with the dramatic journey from the City, and now the death of Zak, that depression has come back in full force. Salene promises to keep her secret … as well as helping her through this.

It is Salene’s comforting presence that causes those old and confusing feelings she recently had for her, to resurface. Unable to keep it contained any longer, May finally tells Salene the truth about her feelings for her – feelings that she herself is still trying to understand. What happens next is unexpected, as Salene returns those feelings and kisses May. Though she had tried to ignore the situation, Salene has been harbouring similar feelings for her.

Eventually, May and Salene reveal to the Mall Rats that they are now in a relationship.

Later, during the return to the city, May becomes certain that something has gone wrong with the planned assault against Eloise. Thinking fast, May pushes Salene to relocate themselves, Brady, Lottie and Sammy to Lex’s old love shack. Her intuition proves correct, as they escape from the clutches of the Zootists. Though this minor victory is shortlived as they are all soon battling for their lives against the Guardian and the Zootists.

With the dust settling on the battle, May and Salene are hoping to continue exploring their feelings for one another.

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