Friends: SIVA
Current Status: DECEASED


Calm, collected, and highly intelligent, this self-assured Techno officer assumes the guise of aiding the Mall Rats in toppling Ram from power, but guise it is. Though his motives seem pure on the surface, it is clear that they are not. This begins when Tai San makes a reappearance as a Techno, bringing the revelation that he had a hand in her reprogramming and brainwashing. When Tai San rebels against this in belief that the Technos are about to wipe out the Mall Rats, Mega sends her away … only to reappear in the aftermath of the fake-out as if nothing had passed between them.

It is this event that first gives us a glimpse that Mega isn’t all that he seems.


The depths of Mega’s sinister motives soon come to light.

Alongside Java, the two are undertaking a city-wide scale plan to sow disorder and chaos in an effort to force the tribes into relying on the Technos. The main form of this is holographic representations of Zoot, targeted specifically at Ebony in order to break down her mind. It does exactly that. Ebony starts to lose it, freaking out at the return of Zoot, enabling her sisters to mold her into the new Zootists, which enables even more chaos.

With his plan all lining up, Mega begins to slowly morph the city and the Technos to his vision, under the guise of keeping the city safe. He introduces barcodes, checkpoints, and other strict regimes – revealing that he is worse than Ram, a conqueror under the guise of someone lending aid. When the Mall Rays start to grow wary and rebel against Mega, he brings Jay and Amber in and tries to reprogram them. Unfortunately it works in the case of Jay and he loses his memory.

The Resistance manage to get Jay his memory back and they mount an attack, with the help of the former Techno Leader, Ram. Their plan works, bringing Mega down. It is whilst he is locked up that we discover that he is Slade’s brother. The two are polar opposites so this comes as quite a shock. When the AI that Ram creates takes over the City, Ram cannot disable it and they bring in Mega to help. Slade convinces him to do it and, while he manages to defeat the AI Zoot, he unfortunately loses his life.

Tom Hern Is A Jury Member At The Berlin International Film Festival With Calen Maiava-Paris

Tom Hern (Ram) sat as a jury member of the generation section at the 2015 Berlin International Film Festival. Whilst there he also bumped into an old face … Calen Maiava-Paris (Mega).

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Calen Maiava-Paris Guest Stars In ‘Reservoir Hill’

A young woman (Beth Chote – Lottie) comes to live with her mother and enters into high school. There, she is surrounded by a number of bizarre events all centering around the fact that she looks like another young student who disappeared over five months ago. Guest starring Calen Maiava-Paris (Mega).

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