Loves: BRAY
Current Status: UNKNOWN


Her sharp eyes spotting the unconscious form of Bray at the base of a cliff after his drunken encounter with Moz and the Mozquitos, this kind-hearted young woman urges Pony Joe and her tribe to stop and aid him. Taking him back to their camp alongside the river, Moon begins to nurse Bray back to health, but this incurs the silent wrath of Pony Joe who resents Bray’s intrusion with every passing moment.

He can see that Moon is quickly becoming smitten by the Mall Rat, and he has his own sights set on her.

In a heart-to-heart discussion with Bray, Moon confesses that she dreams of leaving one day … but that she isn’t strong enough to do it alone. If, however, she had someone to go with … The thought is left unsaid as tempers rise within Pony Joe as he sees her once more with the injured Bray, forcing Moon to come between them when Bray attempts to stop Pony Joe from manhandling her. She narrowly stops Pony Joe from striking the defenseless Bray.

As they spend more time together, Moon gets caught up in Bray and the person who she can see he once was – a free spirit looking to start anew. Moon finally lays her cards on the table, telling the Mall Rat that they can start a new life together, and seals the promise with a kiss on his cheek. Unfortunately, Bray has far too many responsibilities and a life to go back to. He leaves, and hands Pony Joe a message to give her.

Moon never receives this message, which simply said that he wished it could have been a ‘yes’.

Series 3

The first day dawns on the age of Zoot. Newcomer Pride explains how his tribe live in harmony with the animal world under the leadership of the enigmatic Eagle, but what is her real identity?

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