Friends: SAMMY
Current Status: ALIVE


Fun loving, very sensitive, but also very astute, Salene encounters both Mouse and her brother, Charlie, before taking them back with her to the mall. They initially act as if they cannot talk, but this is seemingly a defense mechanism that they have learnt to use in various situations. Once they grew accustomed to the Mall Rats and their new home, they begin to speak and open up, eventually telling Salene and Pride their names.

Mouse is devastated that her brother is taken from her and blames the Technos for his disappearance. She eventually finds herself a friend in Sammy, and the two become close very quickly. They both enjoy the technology that the Technos bring, and even set fire to the mall when experimenting with electricity.

When Sammy becomes addicted to Paradise, Mouse tries to help reach out to him, but he is not interested.


This isn’t the only time that Mouse tries to help her friends. She is very aware of things happening around her and realises that Salene has a problem with alcohol. She tries to help her and get her through her problems. Though her persistence finally works, Mouse comes to the realisation that life in the city is not for her, and she is tired of the constant fighting. When Salene mentions the Gaian camp, a new life seems like a dream come true for the youngster.

Torn by her conflicting loyalties, Salene decides that she can not leave the Mall Rats, but Mouse is eagerly accepted into the Gaians in an initiation ceremony. Though a tearful Mouse is sorry to see Salene go, Hawk and the other Gaians have now become her new family and friends.

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‘King Kong’ Featuring Jacinta Wawatai

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