Friends: EBONY
Current Status: UNKNOWN / MISSING


Leader of the all female Mozquito tribe, this striking femme-fatale is an individual who you do not want to cross, always speaking her mind and making her presence known. Her initial appearance is framed by revenge, as Moz demands that the Mall Rats provide justice – the body of the Guardian. Expertly whipping up a mob into a frenzy, the chants of ‘bring him out’ rock through the Mall to the delight of Moz who wants nothing but vengeance for the Guardian’s crimes, but the combined efforts of Amber and Bray manage to disperse the crowd.

For now.

Moz sets her sights on a more reachable target – Luke. However, her justice is thwarted several times by the Mall Rats. An infuriated Moz promises that the tribe will not get away with this. If they can make up their own laws whenever it suits them … then so can everyone else. Encountering a self-sacrificing Luke in the streets, Moz is about to stone him, but he is rescued by an unlikely source, Ebony. Moz continues to rally her Mozzies, making their presence known at every step as they continue to demand that they hand over the Guardian. When an angered Bray continues to push Moz – since he believes she is involved in Amber’s disappearance – Moz finally snaps.

And her chance for revenge soon presents itself when a drunken Bray stumbles into the Mozzies. Moz ruthlessly throws him over a cliff. A clued-up Ebony however tracks Moz down, knowing that she is involved in Bray’s disappearance. However, Ebony has other ideas in mind, and wants to work with Moz in the big power vacuum that has occurred within the City. Ebony gets Moz to help her win the vote for the election, becoming the citywide Leader.

In the spotlight of power, Moz is content to aid Ebony as she furthers her plans – resulting in Amber and Bray being banished from the City. However, everything is about to change with the invasion of the Technos.


During the invasion of the Technos, and the panic and chaos which followed, it is revealed by Dee that Moz was captured and taken as a prisoner.

Her final fate remains unknown.

‘The Other Side Of Heaven 2’ Starring Miriama Smith

The Grobergs face their ultimate test of faith, only to find themselves surrounded by the love and prayers of thousands of Tongans. Starring Miriama Smith (Moz) as Lavania.

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Miriama Smith Stars In ‘Filthy Rich’

Three illegitimate children discover they each have a claim to the fortune of one of New Zealand’s wealthiest men, John Truebridge. With so much money on the line, John’s legitimate family will do anything to stop these new, unexpected heirs! Starring Miriama Smith (Moz) as Brady.

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