Current Status: UNKNOWN


A striking figure all in blue, the leader of the Mutants immediately makes his presence known by refusing to wait in line with all the others and demanding to be given the antidote. Lex tells him that being a leader is meaningless here, with no special privileges. This isn’t what Mutant Leader wants to hear, and he quickly ends up in a scuffle with Lex.

This act however ends in the antidote provisions being spilled onto the ground.

The Mutant Leader tries to rile up the crowd to take the antidote for themselves, and Lex lets slip that they do not even need it. When the Mutant Leader returns, he has come to the realisation that the rumours on the street are all true – they no longer need the antidote, and virus cases have all stopped. Confronting Bray, he tells them that the Mall Rats are finished.

Series 2

In order to search for the cure the tribe must leave the mountain and return to the city where the antidote is rumoured to be hidden. As they prepare for the journey, a horrific accident occurs.

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