Friends: CLOE
Current Status: UNKNOWN / MISSING


Patsy is a friendly girl who we see grow into a young adult as the story progresses. She is however a little manipulative in her younger days. Alongside her deaf brother, Paul, Patsy keeps Jack’s food store a secret in exchange for food and often reminds him that she could easily tell the others. She is also a lot braver than you would think of someone her age – willing to get in on the fight, which is evident when Tribe Circus attack.

The mysterious disappearance of her brother – with heavy assumptions hinting that it was due to Lex – hits Patsy hard, but her friendship with Cloe helps her to get through such a difficult event. Throughout it all however, Patsy remains as one of the few who is still sitting in the past, wishing for the adults to return. While everyone else realises the seriousness of the situation when ‘adults’ begin to be spotted throughout the City, Patsy still dreams of being saved by them.

This is particularly true when she tracks down an aging Glen, who has the virus, and brings him back to the Mall. After being held in isolation, her friendship with Cloe comes through as they show the Mall Rats the depths of that bond, and the bond that the entire tribe possesses.


As well as holding onto the past, Patsy has some difficulty in growing up within this new world. This is evident when both Cloe and herself find an attraction in Dal, and when she becomes disillusioned with the Mall Rats, so she and Cloe decide to make their own tribe.

This is all leading up to Patsy’s biggest storyline – losing Brady and later finding redemption when Trudy returns. It is this event which allows Trudy to manipulate Patsy’s guilt and recruit her to the Chosen. Patsy blindly follows whatever Trudy says because of this, and even leaves her best friend behind. She covers for Trudy when she goes to see the Guardian, however the Chosen slip up and Patsy sees them supposedly killing Ebony. This event rocks Patsy even more – as this isn’t what she wanted.

Trudy tries to bring Patsy back in to line, but Patsy is left feeling massive amounts of guilt again and questioning what has been happening. With the help of Ebony and Cloe, Patsy finally comes to her senses, exposing Trudy and the Chosen. Unfortunately it’s too late and the tribe are ultimately captured.


Though the guilt hangs heavily over her due to their predicament, Patsy however cements her place within the Chosen, accepting her new family. But a reality check will soon see Patsy returning to her old tribe in secret by becoming a spy for the resistance. Unfortunately, Patsy is discovered in a restricted area and is taken away.

Patsy is never seen again. Her final fate remains unknown.

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