Friends: LIA
Current Status: ALIVE


The stunningly beautiful leader of an indigenous tribe within the island, the Priestess exudes an aura of pure magnetism and respect. With a fierce mistrust of foreigners, due to the death of the adults and the other disasters that the ‘white devils’ have wrought to the world, the Priestess firmly believes that it is only by holding onto the old ways that their future can be saved. So it comes as no surprise that when Jack and Lex are caught trespassing on their sacred ground, she orders them executed – whether they are spies of the Collective or not.

However, the Priestess is shocked to her core to uncover a betrayal within her own circle, as Lia sides with the captive Mall Rats, freeing them before the execution can take place. Though the Priestess eventually realises the error of her ways when her Native warriors report that the Mall Rat’s story holds true, she is forced to cast out Lia from the tribe because of the betrayal which cannot go unpunished. Lia is rocked by this act, but she accepts it for her disobedience.

As Lia begins to translate the Mall Rat’s words and the story of their fierce determination to build a new world within the ashes of the old, the Priestess begins to soften even more, realising that perhaps her stance on foreigners is not as clear cut as she once thought. She realises that they are genuine and meant no harm or disrespect, and even lends her Native warriors in the battle against the Legion.

In the aftermath of events, and on hearing about Zak’s noble sacrifice, the Priestess declares that his burial spot will be known as sacred, his heroism told to future generations.


Finding herself drawn to Lex, the obvious warrior figure within the Mall Rats, the Priestess begins to learn more about him and the others in conjunction with Lia providing a translation of their words. Lex is equally enamored with the Priestess, relating to her spiritual aura as much as the physical, reminding him in some ways of Tai San.

Indeed, the Priestess exhibits similar abilities to his former lover and wife, as she is able to commune with the spiritual plane, which is where her warning about tragedy striking the Mall Rats comes from.

When the Mall Rats plan their next move against Eloise and the Zootists, the Priestess offers her home as a refuge for anyone who must remain behind. Expecting the birth of their baby, Ruby and Slade take up the offer to stay in the safety of the Native’s village. With her knowledge and experience, the Priestess helps to deliver the baby girl, who is named Alexis after the earlier request from Lex.

A New Dawn

Following many challenges, the Mall Rats find themselves faced with an even greater struggle as they try to unravel the many unexplained mysteries they now encounter.

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A New World

Forced to flee the city – along with abandoning their dream of building a better world – the Mall Rats embark upon a perilous journey of discovery into the unknown.

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