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Desperate to track down the missing Ram and the whereabouts of Tai San, Lex encounters a mysterious – and quite insane – individual and his tribe within the junkyard. Though possessing a lack of personal hygiene, the Riddler has a love for old fashioned riddles, promising a fair exchange of knowledge if Lex can answer his riddles. With practically no fear of physical violence, Lex is forced to play along with the Riddler’s playful designs.

Though Lex successfully answers one of the riddles, he is stumped by the second, with his anger getting the best of him when the other members of the Riddler’s tribe chant that he is a ‘stupid boy’. Lex comes out on top in his own way – by promising to destroy the tribe’s ‘treasure trove’ if they do not tell him the rest of what he needs to know.

The Riddler is forced to point the way to Liberty.

Antonia Prebble & Todd Emerson Star In ‘Westside’

Tales of crime and passion in Auckland, New Zealand, spanning from 1974 through to 1979. Starring Antonia Prebble (Trudy) as Rita West and Todd Emerson (Stats) as Bilkey Van Heeder.

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