Friends: DIRK
Current Status: UNKNOWN


Driven by her condition with bulimia to gorge on food before forcing herself to purge and bring it all back up again, Salene discovers the answers to her prayers on the docks – a secluded warehouse full of food and a room in which to eat in peace. Roanne is disturbed by Salene’s condition, but she is more clued up than she initially appears, correctly identifying the illness that Salene is suffering from during a latter conversation with her.

Though Roanne seems eager to provide Salene with the food that she needs, her intentions seem unclear. It soon becomes known that a dark secret is hiding behind her helpful demeanor.

We slowly discover that Salene is in the midst of a ‘whore house’ and Roanne begins to slowly groom Salene into her role as a new addition to be used. Roanne promises Dirk, the owner of all the food and the accommodation within the warehouse that Salene is using, that she will make the Mall Rat ready to be used, knowing just how vulnerable Salene truly is. We soon see the mask drop as Roanne makes it known to Salene that she must begin repaying her debt. Unknown to her however, Salene’s first patron is none other than Ryan.

Dirk is infuriated at Salene escaping free, but though he sets his entire tribe after both Ryan and herself, the chase is called off due to the proximity of the Locos.

Series 1

In the wake of a deadly virus that has wiped out the adult population, the children of the world must now survive on their own.

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