Friends: TROY
Current Status: UNKNOWN


Warm, welcoming and very friendly to strangers, it comes as no surprise that many a stray traveller can find themselves finally relaxing in the beacon of respite that is the Nomad’s camp. With fresh food, a positive outlook on life, and the belief that we all share what we have, Susannah and Troy can break down even the hardest of guards, luring their prey into the seductive lull of peace.

Because lure they do, as the Nomads are in reality a tribe of ruthless slave traders.

The Mall Rats initially encounter the pair when Trudy and Dal run away from both Brady and the Mall. They begin to size up the potential within their new slaves, but Susannah is forced to calm an enraged Troy who is about to let his mask slip when it is revealed that Trudy has headed back to the Mall. At least it wasn’t all for nothing – they still have Dal. The Mall Rat is soon joined by a travelling jack of all trades named Sasha. When Sasha helps Dal to search his heart and return to his home, the Nomads round on them both, revealing the truth of their nature.

Susannah and Troy plan to sell their new slaves to the Locos in the Tribal Gathering. Unfortunately, the Mall Rats manage to rescue their friends in the chaos that ensues.

Series 1

In the wake of a deadly virus that has wiped out the adult population, the children of the world must now survive on their own.

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