Played by SAM HUSSON

Current Status: UNKNOWN


Able to see the captivating beauty which lies in the dance of a naked flame, the boisterous leader of Tribe Circus is a very dangerous and capable individual, despite his pleasant seeming ‘ringmaster’ appearance. When his tribe alerts him to KC and the supplies within his possession, Top Hat quickly turns his attention to the little rogue, determined to uncover exactly where this tribe with their secret treasure trove resides. Though his tribe are mostly insane, Top Hat harbours a deep intelligence, and knows, without a doubt, that KC is not telling him the truth.

With the threat of burning, Top Hat persuades KC to lead him to the Mall.

Though the Mall Rats put up a brave stance, they are simply no match for the acrobatics of Tribe Circus, quickly finding themselves captured and subdued. Top Hat demands a grand meal in order to celebrate his victory, but he also has his sights set on Zandra. He is about to rape her when KC comes to her aid.

This, however, is the final nail in Top Hat’s patience with the tribe. Trapping them all inbetween the Mall’s security grill, he torches the place, leaving them all to slowly burn. It is only the timely intervention of Lex, Ebony and her Locos which sees the Mall Rats saved from certain death.

When he recovers from the effects of the virus, Lex can not leave on the journey to Eagle Mountain without dealing some much needed payback. He soon returns with Top Hat’s precious motorcycle and top hat in tow – though the actual fate of Top Hat remained unclear.


Infected by the virus, Top Hat makes a return to a near empty Mall in search of his missing hat. It seems that he is gone a little crazed due to the virus’ effects on him. KC comes to Cloe’s rescue, striking Top Hat with his weapon and knocking him out cold.

It is unknown what happened to Top Hat, or indeed Tribe Circus, after these events.

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