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Expertly wearing a mask of welcome and possessing an aura of openness, Troy encourages stray travellers to rest and relax within the Nomads, allowing them to momentarily set aside the concerns of a post-apocalyptic life to one side. Indeed, life within the Nomads seems like a haven – fresh air, fresh food and a relaxing lifestyle. But his mask is about to drop, as when one of his potential new recruits, Trudy, slips through the net, Troy is forced by Susannah to get a hold of himself. Troy calms down, realising that they still have Dal within their immediate grasp.

A potential new prize arrives in the form of the jack of all trades, Sasha. Sasha remains unconvinced that Dal was caught stealing, hence his imprisonment by Troy and Susannah. After sneaking in to talk to him, Sasha himself is caught. The two initially believe that the Nomads are cannibals, but on discovering this, Troy reveals the truth – the Nomads are slave traders.

With the imminent arrival of the Tribal Gathering, Troy gathers his fresh meat and sends them to be checked over by the Locos. Recognising Dal, Ebony is quick to select him as one of her slaves. This event soon leads to the Mall Rats risking everything within the Tribal Gathering to save their friends. In the distraction that follows, Ryan takes out Troy, allowing Amber, Dal and Sasha to escape a life of slavery within the Locos.

Charlie Bleakley Guest Stars In ‘Wellington Paranormal’

Sergeant Maaka and Officers Minogue and O’Leary are members of the Wellington, New Zealand, police. Their job is to investigate paranormal phenomena. Guest starring Charlie Bleakley (Troy) as Donovan.

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