Friends: AMBER
Current Status: ALIVE


When she first arrived in the mall, escorted by the mysterious Bray, Trudy was scared, pregnant and not sure of her place in the world. After her daughter Brady was born, she quickly descended into post-natal depression, unable to cope with the baby or her situation as her one bright beacon in this life, Bray, was continuing to slip through her fingers. The other members of the tribe did not spot her condition, and couldn’t possibly even begin to treat it. This depression manifested as a hatred for those around her, causing friction and isolation. The situation was made even worse by those feelings for Bray, feelings which he obviously did not return.

It did not help that there was a rival for Bray’s affections. Salene seemed to have it all, she was a capable mother, looked after the younger members of the tribe, had Bray attracted to her, and just seemed capable of surviving in this horrible reality. No love seemed to be lost between the two of them. It eventually all came to a head. As she reached the utter depths of her depression, Trudy tried to commit suicide. Salene chose to ignore her. She was discovered by Bray in the morning and was narrowly saved.

After this dark moment had passed, Trudy decided to run away from it all alongside Dal, but she soon came to the realisation that she missed Brady, and needed to stop running from her issues. She returned to the mall, prepared to give things a proper try. It was then that Trudy began to slowly blossom, becoming a caring mother and a supportive tribe member, making a big impact on events.

Though Bray eventually finds love with Amber, Trudy never completely loses those feelings for him. During the events of Eagle Mountain, and even when it looked like Bray had cheated on Amber with Ebony due to their history, Trudy left him a message … just in case. It was this message which allowed Bray and Ebony to rescue the Mall Rats when they attempted to leave the city on their journey.


In the aftermath of Amber and Zandra’s death, Trudy kept it together, and began to take more control, showing us who she could be and not just letting herself be a driftwood on the tide. She was still participating, helping her friends and giving advice where she could, becoming an integral member of the tribe. This, however, would take a rather sinister turn when Trudy was captured by the Chosen. It was in the captivity of the Guardian that we learn of her past with Ebony, and why she there is so much hatred there – especially concerning Bray.

Though the Mall Rats attempt to mount a rescue, Trudy is taken by the Chosen.

Her shocking return saw a dark persona emerge – one that we had only marginally glimpsed during her postnatal depression – revealing a Trudy who was deeply manipulative, devious and downright bad! She would give her friends bad advice, put plans into motion and even try and brainwash those closest to her, including Patsy. Under the guidance and influence of the Guardian, Trudy was preparing the Mall Rats to be invaded and taken over by the Chosen.

Her plans soon bore fruit. In a dramatic battle on the beach, the Mall Rats are defeated.


This side of Trudy continued as we witnessed the ‘Supreme Mother’ in all of her dark glory. She acted with an air of importance, due to her own brainwashing, again falling into manipulation with her friends and showing her dominance. She was a stronger character here, showing her aggression when she needed to, but also being repentant when events began to cascade out of her direct control.

It was during those instances when we saw true emotion breaking through Trudy’s brainwashing, witnessed during the attempted indoctrination of Bray, or when she desperately wanted to see Brady, who would sometimes be withheld from her presence by the Guardian who used this as a tool for her continued obedience.

However, after the disbandment of the Chosen, Trudy became the person we loved from before her kidnapping. She was helpful, a shoulder to cry on, and a mother to everyone within the tribe. She also continued to become stronger than we had ever seen her, keeping hope even when she was kidnapped by Ned, even as Amber fell apart.


With the introduction of the Technos, Trudy continued to be strong and harbored her fighting spirit, immediately setting off to track down the missing Amber and Bray who had been banished by Ebony. It was here that she uncovered Amber who had just given birth, and together, they set off for the Gaian camp, which would see Trudy transform even further.

Trudy flourished during her time within the Gaians, becoming even more capable than before, and forging a deep friendship with Amber as the two shared experiences of motherhood. Her time in the camp had given her the best experience that she, and Brady, had needed.

She continued to show what a fierce mother she could be and just how deep her feelings are for her daughter. When Brady is taken by the Technos, Trudy doesn’t rest until she can find her, even when all hope looks lost and the Mall Rats can’t make any real moves against the tribe. Trudy is soon reunited with Brady thanks to the intervention of the resurfaced Tai San.


With the Technos also came Jay and, for once, we thought that Trudy would finally get that chance in love that she has always so desperately wanted. She was a lot more placid during this time, just living in love with Jay, the man she had always wanted, reminding her so much of Bray. However, no one could deny the looks and exchanges between both Jay and Amber. It soon came to a head when Jay left Trudy for Amber.

Trudy was, as can be expected, devastated, and she unknowingly allowed herself to be taken in and manipulated again like before. Mega used this opportunity to gain the information about Jay, and almost broke Trudy in the process. Realising what was happening, Trudy does everything in her power to help Jay regain his memories, and soon reaffirms her deep friendship with Amber.

As dramatic events came to a head however, we see Trudy being who we know she is; a kind, caring women who will go out of her way to make sure that everyone is taken care of. She desperately tried to keep the trawler from heading out of danger until Amber was safely onboard.


The trauma of leaving her entire world behind leads to Trudy displaying a hint of mental illness that seems to have plagued her so long ago. Depression and hysteria kicks in on the trawler, and she even begins to wonder whether to take Brady’s life rather than let her starve. The Mall Rats begin to grow seriously concerned for Trudy’s well-being. Amber and Salene are charged with keeping a close eye on her, and to try and stop her from growing too unstable.

As events come to a head on the island which has now become their home, Trudy shows that she is still the person that we want her to be – inclusive, nurturing, and someone who wants to make sure that everyone is ok. Feeling for Ebony’s situation despite everything that she has done, Trudy brings the prisoner some fruit to the container where she is being held – and Ebony escapes. It was sheer luck that Ebony doesn’t manage to succeed in grabbing Brady, only managing to take hold of Ram during her flight.


Forever unlucky in love – Trudy has another unfortunate dalliance in love as the Mall Rats attempt to make sense of the Collective and make a new home on the island. Drawn by his physical attraction and magnetism, Trudy finds herself infatuated with the mysterious Connor. She always thought that it would be Bray, and at one time, even Jay who shared many similarities with him. So it comes as no surprise that she grabs hold of this source of love without any real thought … especially as to his intentions.

Starved for love and companionship, Trudy accepts Connors wiling advances, despite it ending with him using her for his own schemes as it is revealed that Connor is a Bounty Hunter for the Collective. Trudy can’t believe that she has been conned in love yet again. She is also forced to come face-to-face with the Guardian, determined to protect Brady from him. In the dramatic battle back in the mall, the Mall Rats band around them in an attempt to stop the Guardian’s schemes.

Though Connor also risked his own life to protect Brady from harm, Trudy is unable to forgive him for his deep deception.

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