Friends: STATS
Current Status: DECEASED


A loyal and outspoken follower of Ram, Wizard demands to know just how long the Mall Rats are going to keep them all locked away during the aftermath of the fight against the Technos. With an unfavorable response from Lex, Wizard quickly seizes the opportunity to escape alongside his ally and friend, Stats. Though the two seem at odds concerning just what their next move should be, Wizard is adamant that the Mall Rats are simply too weak to have killed Ram – he must be alive. The young man begins to plot, knowing that if they had someone to trade, they could score big and restore the Technos to power.

Capturing Salene, Wizard imprisons her in an old warehouse, hoping that they can use her in a trade for Ram, but Stats seems unconvinced that the hard part is well and truly over.

Eventually making contact once again with their go-between, May, the Mall Rat shocks the Technos by stating that they should kill Salene if they want to get out of this situation in one piece. Pride however, had been following her from the moment she left the Casino. Hearing her words, he attacks Stats in a rage, and Wizard retaliates by using his zapper, killing Pride in the process.

This is all too much for Stats, and he refuses to take part any further in their schemes. Wizard however needs to follow this through to the end if he wants to survive and get Ram back. He continues alone and prepares to kill Salene, but Salene has rigged the door to her cell with the wiring from the bulb in the ceiling, electrocuting Wizard when he comes for her.

Since he makes no further appearance, it is believed that he was killed by this act.

Jason Gascoigne Presents ‘The New Zealand Fight Report’

Jason Gascoigne (Wizard) presents THE NEW ZEALAND FIGHT REPORT, a web series featuring news and reports from boxing matches.

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Series 5

From order to disorder, from peace to war, from stability to chaos, as the series draws to a close, the tribes’ face their future together. Has the dream been realised?

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