Also Known As: MARTIN
Tribe: LOCOS
Current Status: DECEASED


The iconic leader of the Locos – the most ruthless tribe in the City – is someone who immediately makes a lasting impression with his creed of ‘power and chaos’. Believing that it is now their time to rise up and that the old ways of the adults are long dead, Zoot’s magnetism and drive is infectious, so it is easy to see why he not only had a commanding presence, but defined an entire legacy from his actions and words.

In a relationship with Ebony, the two seem unstoppable as they bring about Chaos everywhere they go, including their fiercest rivals, the Demon Dogs.

One of the most memorable early encounters with Zoot includes an attempt by Lex, Ryan, Zandra and Glen to try and join the ranks of the Locos, but this plan backfires big time when Lex stumbles on words he doesn’t quite understand, forcing the group to scatter. Though the chase sees the Locos come unknowingly face-to-face with the Demon Dogs, Zoot doesn’t back down from any fight – and the two tribes go to war.

But there seems to be more to this powerful individual than what meets the eye, as we witness secret meetings between both himself and Bray. It is soon uncovered that Bray is trying to convince Zoot to come with him to the Mall … but for what purpose? In a dramatic night, the truth is unveiled that Zoot is Bray’s brother, and is also the father of Trudy’s daughter, Brady. However, it was this same night which saw the death of the leader of the Locos. While at the Mall, Zoot is discovered and a fight breaks out between himself and Lex as Zoot steps up to protect his brother from harm.

Charging towards Lex, who ducks at the last minute, Zoot falls to his death.

Bray reels from this event, revealing his sibling connection to the others, and that once, Zoot was known as Martin.


A series of flashbacks discussed by Trudy and Ebony reveal the story of how Martin transitioned into the person known as Zoot. Attending the same school, Trudy had always had a crush on Bray, but the arrival of Ebony threw her emotions into tatters as the manipulative schemer quickly got her claws into him. But Ebony saw where events were heading and where the true power lay, captivated by the vision of ‘power and chaos’ which Martin had begun to seize after the death of his father to the virus.

But just before this had happened, Trudy had spent a night with the ‘runner-up’ Martin, the wrong brother in her eyes, but needing that companionship after Ebony had gotten to Bray first. This ultimately led to her being pregnant, and with Bray by her side, they escaped as Martin became Zoot and formed the Locos alongside Ebony.


With the City invaded by the Chosen, we witness the full extent of Zoot’s legacy as this cult worships his creed of ‘power and chaos’, forcing indoctrination and creating children of Zoot to follow in their footsteps. It is also during this time that the Guardian has ‘visions’ of Zoot, which is all in his mind, and sees scenarios of the leader of the Locos talking to him about what to do with the city.

This further cements the Guardians own insanity.


With the arrival of the Technos, their advanced technology allows those with the knowledge to manipulate events to their own agenda. Despite the Mall Rat’s victory in overthrowing Ram, Ebony begins to grow frightened and uncertain as she begins to see visions of Zoot. It is soon revealed that Java and Mega are messing with her mind.


This manipulation continues as the Technos further ramp up their schemes, creating more holographic representations of Zoot, and even physical actors to portray him – like Darryl. Ultimately, this also leads to the revelation of the secret project that both Mega and Ram had been working on, an Artificial Intelligence based on the Loco.

It is this AI which becomes unstoppable, releasing a virus that Mega had been working on into the atmosphere and creating the mass-evacuation of the entire City.


In a shocking turn of events, it is revealed that Zoot’s legacy has reached far beyond the confines of the City. As we are introduced to the mysterious Collective tribe, we learn that a new breed of Zootists has emerged, led by the beautifully seductive Eloise, who want to continue Zoot’s vision of ‘power and chaos’. Their agenda is three fold – to use Bray in ensuring the bloodline of Zoot, to get their hands on the Divine Child – Brady, and to also indoctrinate individuals into their cult and power base.

Bray had always been disgusted by the Chosen for their manipulation of his brother, and he detests Eloise just as much for what she has twisted his brother into.


As events continue with the Mall Rats gaining more knowledge and encounters with the Collective, we see more of the extent of the Zootists and their operation – including massive indoctrination programs, birthing programs and slavery.

But now, with the defeat of Eloise, maybe Zoot’s legacy can finally be put to rest…

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