“Hello Tribeworld,

I hope that all our Tribal brothers and sisters around the world are well – and above all staying Tribal!

I am sorry for the delay in giving some news but lots of stuff has been going on behind the scenes and I wanted to give you all an update:

1. Where the motion picture is concerned, this is still in development and very much active. The key is to find a suitable home for The Tribe where the creative integrity would be respected and honoured, which I know is as important to all of you as indeed it is to me and the entire team. In Hollywood one often takes a step forward and two back but we are making very good progress and if all goes to plan then I would hope to have some definitive news by the end of the year. So keep the dream alive!

2. Interwoven with this there may well be at long last a television sequel but again it all takes time and it’s all about finding the best home for The Tribe, which is very important to me to work with like minded people who will honour the very special Tribal community we have all built up over the years. If it was purely down to commercial matters then I think it would be much easier but I am personally not driven by material matters and more the integrity of The Tribe. Once again without raising any hopes (because it’s all very complex) I hope to have some news for you all by Christmas and in any event will give an update by then on matters as they stand.

3. Where a follow up to ‘The Tribe: A New World’ novel is concerned, I am afraid that due to the death of my father last year (the bereavement has caused a huge delay on all kinds of matters including the novel tie-ins as well as developments for the motion picture and possible television sequel), A J Penn has been waiting on me but at long last we have been going over the plot for the follow up and A J is in the midst of writing. We’re targeting pre-orders for December 2013 (to meet the Christmas market) but I am confident that at the latest the novel will be officially released by January. I am personally very excited and know that you’ll all really love what’s in store so it’s well worth waiting for. So the team will provide details of a definitive release date when they know (but it’s definitely going to be around December-January).

4. I have been in discussions with our various publishers and am trying to obtain the rights to re-release ‘Power and Chaos’ and ‘The Mall Rats’ as eBooks. Once contracts are signed and sealed then we may well even be able to have these eBook novels available by Christmas.

5. If time permits, I will also try and do a follow up to the ‘Keeping The Dream Alive’ behind the scenes book as we have some really terrific material from archives which I just know will appeal to all our Tribal brothers and sisters who would wish to obtain this never before seen detail and photographs. A perfect collector’s edition. A lot depends on the time I need to spend writing re the motion picture and sequel development. So realistically we might not get to the ‘Keeping The Dream Alive’ sequel until the beginning of the year.

6. Thanks for all the great feedback on all things Tribal and in addition to the wonderful support given to A J’s book, ‘A New World’ – both Harry and I are very grateful for the great reaction to Harry’s ‘Birth Of The Mall Rats’ (I think he did a tremendous job). Harry is busy putting pen to paper on a new Tribe play so watch this space for more information, which will be released as and when we have it.

7. When time permits I’ll be picking up with John Williams again to progress some new Tribe music but currently there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day while I am dealing with everything which is going on behind the scenes.

8. We’ll try and get some more merchandise available for Christmas and will keep putting up some episodes on our YouTube Channel (I’ll also arrange for the team to put up episodes of Atlantis High and Revelations on our Cloud 9 Channel). Due to copyright complexities we have no problem whatsoever with any usage of any of our footage just as long as it’s only clips of a few minutes duration but please don’t upload entire episodes and certainly not entire seasons because it makes our lives so difficult with third party distributors and broadcasters and especially those interested in partnering with us to do more Tribe material. I know you are all very supportive and understand all the complexities on this so thanks for your co-operation and understanding.

9. Finally I haven’t forgotten the Gathering and we will certainly celebrate when the time is right. It’s a matter of trying to identify a date which suits everyone’s availabilities but above all for me to try and find some time with my own schedules being so busy (I feel since my Dad died that I’ve been running to catch a bus to achieve all I need to do but thankfully am slowly getting there – so I’m personally very thankful to you all for your patience).

So until the next time – stay Tribal, keep the dream alive – and thanks for being there for us all.

With my very best Tribal wishes and love to all our Tribal brothers and sisters