Category : Jacinta Wawatai

15 Jul 2006

Beth Chote & Jacinta Wawatai Star In ‘The Killian Curse’

A group of teenage students who are faced with a menacing curse revolving around the number 21. Starring Beth Chote (Lottie) as Katie and Jacinta Wawatai (Mouse) as Elizabeth.

14 Dec 2005

‘King Kong’ Featuring Jacinta Wawatai

After a movie crew travel to a mysterious island to shoot their picture, they encounter a giant and furious gorilla who takes their leading actress and form a special relationship with her, protecting the beautiful lady at all costs. Featuring Jacinta Wawatai (Mouse) as Feral Child.

28 Jun 2005

‘Mee-Shee The Water Giant’ Starring Jacinta Wawatai

A New York City oil company troubleshooter is brought to a remote B.C. lake to look for some lost machinery. Cancelling a trip to Disney World with his son, he decides to bring the boy along. They both end up meeting with bad guys and a legendary creature. Starring Jacinta Wawatai (Mouse) as Pawnee.

15 Mar 2003
05 Jan 2002