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23 Sep 2005

‘Cockle’ Starring Dwayne Cameron & Laura Wilson

Dwayne Cameron (Bray) and Laura Wilson (May) star in the short film, COCKLE. A parachuting accident on a remote volcanic plateau forces a young soldier to confront the torments of his past.

30 Mar 2003

Laura Wilson & Drew Neemia Guest Star In ‘Revelations: The Initial Journey’

Follow 16-year-old boy, Jess’ (Tom Hern – Ram) journey through life and time itself. Each episode contains a story from a different time and place in world history. Guest starring Laura Wilson (May) as Hannah and Drew Neemia (Fisheye) as Jack Somerville.

15 Mar 2003
05 Jan 2002
08 Sep 2001

Various Tribe Cast Star In ‘Atlantis High’

16-year-old nerd, Giles (Michael Wesley-Smith – Jack), is the new student at Atlantis High, where both the students and teachers seem to be very weird. Could the school being reputedly built on the lost city of Atlantis have anything to do with this?

06 Jan 2001