The story of The Tribe continues in the official series 6 and series 7 continuation novels, A New World and A New Dawn, written by A.J Penn.

And by Harry Duffin comes a novelisation of the opening series of The Tribe, with further character insight and depth not witnessed within the show.


The entire story of The Tribe can be taken home in the complete DVD set by Revelation Films, or the opening saga with the Region 1 DVDs by Shout! Factory.

A limited edition Commemorative DVD was also made available to fans with some exclusive content.


Available to both stream and download to own, The Tribe is also available in a digital format on Amazon Prime, Vimeo and YouTube platforms.


A very important aspect of The Tribe has always been its music. Various releases have been made to fans over the years, the latest being the official Soundtrack Volume 1 and Volume 2.

There were also various unreleased demo tracks, testing a variety of styles and concepts.