Coming Soon … A Video Interview With Antonia Prebble

You do not want to miss our next cast spotlight ... a video interview with none other than Antonia Prebble!
26th Nov 17

The Tribe: Reboot [Episode 5]

Whilst Lex grows more and more aggravated by the increasing load of responsibilities, Amber's suggestion however is seen as a way for her to push herself into a position of command.
18th Nov 17

‘Hard To Peas’ Starring Dan Weekes

A long suffering wife comes to a crucial crossroads in her life... Starring Dan Weekes (Ved).
14th Nov 17

Joseph Crawford Edits Juse1s ‘They Say I’ 360 Music Video

Joseph Crawford (Darryl) edits a special 360 degrees music video They Say I by Juse1 featuring Trucelee.
13th Nov 17

Joseph Crawford Works On The Drax Project’s ‘Woke Up Late’ Music Video

Joseph Crawford (Darryl) worked as a DIT - Digital Imaging Technician - on Drax Project's Woke Up Late music video.
13th Nov 17

Dan Weekes Stars In Jonathan Brees ‘Murder’ Music Video [Backdated Post]

Dan Weekes (Ved) stars in Jonathan Bree's Murder music video from the album, A Little Night Music.
12th Nov 17

Dan Weekes Stars In ‘Tip Top – Shared Ingredients’ Ad [Backdated Post]

Dan Weekes (Ved) stars in an advert for Tip Top ice creams, titled Shared Ingredients.
12th Nov 17

Dan Weekes Guest Stars In ‘When We Go To War’ [Backdated Post]

Focuses on the impact the war has on a middle New Zealand, Pakeha family and a Maori brother and sister. This spectacular drama cuts between life at home, Gallipoli and Egypt. Guest starring Dan Weekes (Ved) as Herbert.
4th Nov 17

In Production – For Izzy

Michelle Ang (Tai San) stars in the all asian-american feature, For Izzy, as Dede, an unemployed lesbian photojournalist who suffers from addiction.
4th Nov 17

Dan Weekes Spotted In Trailer For The Grand Final Of The 48 Hour Film Competition

Dan Weekes (Ved) appears in the trailer for the Grand Final of the 48 Hour Film Competition.
3rd Nov 17

Beth Allen Stars In ‘Dulux Colours Of New Zealand’ Ad

Beth McDermott / Allen (Amber) features within the latest advert for Dulux titled, Colours Of New Zealand.
29th Oct 17

Antonia Prebble Stars In ‘Sisters’

Sisters follows the story of three women who discover that they are sisters. Julia finds out that her Nobel prize winning father secretly used his own sperm in a number of "In Vitro Fertilisation" procedures. Starring Antonia Prebble (Trudy) as Edie.
25th Oct 17