48 Hour Film Competition 2017 Grand Final With Dan Weekes & Hot Grog

With the regionals all cleared up, the Grand Finale of the 48 Hour Film Competition 2017 is on the horizon. As we reported earlier, Dan Weekes (Ved) has been involved with his team, Hot Grog and the film, Hard To Peas.
23rd Oct 17

Milestone: Almost 60k Video Views!

Our Youtube channel containing our production archive is about to hit the impressive 60k total view milestone!
14th Oct 17

In Production – #211 [Update]

Some IMDB sleuthing reveals some additional updates to #211, the new bank heist film starring Nicholas Cage and Dwayne Cameron (Bray).
7th Oct 17

Antonia Prebble ‘Peter Brew-Bevan’ Photoshoot

Antonia Prebble (Trudy) appears in a series of portrait photographs by Peter Brew-Bevan.
7th Oct 17

Jay Ryan Stars In ‘Mary Kills People’ [Backdated Post]

Single mother Mary Harris is an ER doctor by day, but by night she and her partner, a former plastic surgeon, moonlight as underground angels of death who help terminally ill patients slip away on their own terms. Starring Jay Ryan (Blue) as Ben Wesley.
7th Oct 17

Fleur Saville Guest Stars In ‘The Video Store’ [Backdated Post]

Stacey is secretly stressing about the legacy of her video store while dealing with the daily hardships of customers, staff and the Internet. Guest starring Fleur Saville (Ruby).
7th Oct 17

Jaimee Kaire Gataulu Stars In ‘Spot The Dog’ Ad [Backdated Post]

Jaimee Kaire Gataulu (Cloe) stars in an advert for the hugely popular New Zealand Telecom Spot The Dog commercials.
29th Sep 17

An Interview With Jaimee Kaire Gataulu

THETRIBE.CO.UK presents an interview with Jaimee Kaire Gataulu who played the role of Cloe in THE TRIBE.
28th Sep 17

Coming Soon … An Interview With Jaimee Kaire Gataulu!

Coming very soon, we have An Interview With Jaimee Kaira Gataulu, who played the role of Cloe in The Tribe!
24th Sep 17

Nomination Win For Dan Weekes’ Team In The 2017 Wellington 48 Hour Film Competition

Though Dan Weekes’ team, Hot Grog did not win this year’s Wellington 48 Hour Film Competition with Hard To Peas, there was however a nomination win! Emma Draper won Best Actor for her role in Hard To Peas. Well done guys!
24th Sep 17

Dan Weekes Heads To Finals & Nominations In The 2017 Wellington 48 Hour Film Competition

Dan Weekes (Ved) heads into the finals of this year's Wellington 48 Hour Film Competition with his team, Hot Grog and the film, Hard To Peas. Several nominations are obtained alongside this!
17th Sep 17

An Interview With Dan Weekes

THETRIBE.CO.UK presents an interview with Dan Weekes who played the role of Ved in THE TRIBE.
14th Sep 17