Several quality-of-life updates and improvements have been implemented to the site today:

  • New static banner with clickable segments and a promo section – quicker loading and access
  • Any Cast posts added after a significant amount of time will have an announcement post tagged as ‘Backdated’. These backdated posts will link directly to the main Cast post
  • Interview cards have been added to the sidebar of the Frontpage, Cast and Interviews sections
  • What Is The Tribe?‘ has been tidied up a little. It now incorporates the ‘Characters‘ section as a visible link
  • Added a character info sidebar to A New World and A New Dawn pages to align it better with the one on the Series 1 – 5 pages


There have also been several additions to the Cast section:

  • More photos added to Dwayne Cameron’s role within Mclaren
  • Added Antonia Prebble’s guest starring role in Stand Up Girl
  • Added Beth McDermott’s guest role in Westside